Hi there, it’s stupidly hot and I do not like it!

Match recap (LUFC): Loudoun United beat Las Vegas 3-0, behind Dane Jacomen’s first USL Championship shutout and punctuated by Houssou Landry’s first North American goal in 73 games and 4,100ish minutes, snapping a six game winless streak dated back to July 3. It will be nice to see them with a close-ish rival, as North Carolina FC moves back up to the USLC after a 15+ year hiatus.

Now for a couple of instagrams, first the good one, as Marco Etcheverry returns to coach the DC U15’s:

For the bad, this unfortunate and frankly, cold-hearted bit of news:

Roche was a commenter and occasional collaborator here, and his contributions under the Pitch Pass handle for MLS and specifically DC United are exceptional. I look forward to seeing what Gregory does next.

Anyway, that’s a sad note, so I’ll leave on whimsical one, this trailer for Season Two of Welcome to Wrexham:

ByRyan Keefer

Doing D.C./Loudoun United things on here.

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Talonesque #

The revelation that Moises Caicedo straight up blocked a wildly lucrative move to Liverpool in order to wave Chelsea in for a landing… well, that ended up scrapping Chelsea’s plans for Tyler Adams. They ended up spending well over a hundred million more for Caicedo, but will say, that double pivot for Chelsea is going to be serious quality.

I know Liverpool have a damn good scouting department and there has been no rumble about about this, but am I crazy to think Adams would be a quality signing for Liverpool instead? Maybe they’re looking for more upside offensively for that single DM, but maybe they should wake up and realize they have more than enough attacking talent to balance. I could see Adams complementing that midfield extremely well.

Matt Glad

I think Adams would be some good business for Liverpool. They are very thin at CDM and Adams has already shown he can keep up in the EPL.

Ryan Hunt

I would rather see Adams move to Brighton (more playing time and they have a good track record of taking players to the next level) but I have no doubt that he’s good enough to play for Liverpool.

Talonesque #

Don’t know if he would play more at Brighton, he’d probably have to displace James Milner in their double pivot, and that’s potentially a massive souring in the locker room if the coach even makes that call. I’m pretty bullish on Adams ability to cover for the attacking midfielders and fullbacks at Liverpool, as opposed to defending the universe at Leeds. Maybe Liverpool aren’t impressed with his numbers, but the fact he had numbers at Leeds should be a plus.

Ryan Hunt

Well now the reports are that he’s going to Bournemouth, so we’ll see XD

Talonesque #

Yikes. Bournemouth just lost Gary O’Neil to Wolves as coach, who was pretty transformative as a leader last season. If O’Neil feels that Wolves is a bigger/safer job than Bournemouth, I’d be wary if I’m Adams

Talonesque #

Starting to see reports pouring in about Adams and Bournemouth, that Adams wants the move and it’s basically done. What I will say is, Adams has now lashed himself to the mast of a ship many are predicting will sink at season’s end. Adams’ stock will not survive if he gets labeled as a relegation dud, so this better work.


Has anyone heard an update on Pirani? Are they still waiting for a work permit/visa?


I was wondering the same thing this morning while I was swimming my laps….

Brendan Cartwright

That’s been the one potential upside of this time off from getting bounced in Leagues Cup. (I was also remembering that the cash prize for this one was substantial, which you’d think would have been a stronger motivator, but that wasn’t really evident.)

It is a bit of a mystery how Eric Davis was able to immediately walk into some playing time, but Pirani and other internationals have had to wait weeks. I don’t know what Jose Fajardo’s visa status is, if it’s more like Davis or more like Pirani.


Pure speculation on my part–I’m not an immigration lawyer nor do I play one on TV. But Eric Davis would have had to get some sort of work permit/visa to play in the Gold Cup in the US–am I not right?


To add onto JoeW’s speculation, I’ve been told that it’s more difficult for certain nationalities to get visas than others. I think Central Americans and Brazilians tend to get more questions (I’ve got family in one of these groups). But with an employer handling the process I can’t imagine it taking that long.

Brendan Cartwright

Maybe, but Panama is also in Central America.


Love that DCU are finding a way to get Etch back into their set-up. I’m little worried that he’s excited about sleeping with the U-15s, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I hope they benefit from his tutelage, and I hope he’s able to start climbing the ladder here, maybe to join the senior coaching staff at some point.

Talonesque #

“Sleeping with the u-15’s”

…. Explain


It’s a typo on his post, I think me meant to say “dirigir” (coach) but instead he typed “dormir” (sleep).

His post says: On my way to DC, with a dream in mind, to be able to teach futbol, thank you everyone, friends that are happy that I get to coach the U-15 squad of the team that I have always loved. Thank you everyone, to the DC United folks who trust that I can help young players reach their dream, I will soon return to Bolivia to celebrate.

Not the best use of punctuation but heartfelt message, I’m sure.

Talonesque #

Ah, yeah, glad that’s the thing


I think there’s a typo in his post lol (“dormir” instead of “dirigir” perhaps?)

Talonesque #

Understood, I was definitely out of the loop. Sadly lack the Spanish to read it myself, I was deferring to the blurb

Bryan McEachern

That’s ok, I was scratching my head too. I know him and I was sure it was a typo. DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!!!!

I am happy to have him on board. Legend.

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