Hi there, it’s an evening and the robot vacuum is playing that fancy white noise song, so let me pull some things together:

Recaps of D.C. United’s 4-0 loss to the New England Revolution by WaPo, while Blazing Musket has the other side.

D.C. United closing on deal to sign Gabriel Pirani from Santos: Sources (Athletic, $): This is…good? At the risk of twisting my own arm on the backpat, I was sorta in the ballpark? A Brazilian report has this being done as soon as today.

Harvard lectures and diversity training – it’s Wayne Rooney, but not as you know him (The Times): Interesting read, in that a) Wayne Rooney likes Football Manager and b) Jesse Lingard is (or was at one point) on D.C.’s Discovery List.

Official! Lionel Messi signs with Inter Miami (MLS): OK, let’s go nuts!

Trinity Rodman makes her own way (WaPo): Looking forward to her World Cup debut.

Santos is a steady force on Loudoun United’s back line (Loudoun Times): A quick look at the right wingback for Loudoun, whose team fell 3-1 to Orange County Saturday night.

Finally, for those unaware, Reservation Dogs tells the story of a quartet of miscreants living on a Native American reservation in Oklahoma, but it’s so much more than just that. Part comedy, part emotional regret, part search for life, you’ll laugh, cry, think and marvel at the work the cast is turning in. Their third and regrettably last season is about to turn out, and the trailer looks superb:

ByRyan Keefer

Doing D.C./Loudoun United things on here.

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David Rusk

I’ve been a consistent fan of Klich, but his second yellow card with five minutes left in a 0-4 defeat was a worse than rookie mistake for a veteran international.

Will Nelson

Yeah…it was really boneheaded…I get the frustration, but come on.

Brendan Cartwright

There were rumors in the offseason about United landing Jesse Lingard, so him being on their Discovery List makes sense. Honestly, I sort of half expected (am half expecting?) him to somehow wind up in DC during the summer window.

But even if he doesn’t, I’m glad the front office has its act together enough to have what looks to be a pretty decent replacement for Lewis O’Brien lined up. I’m glad they’re focusing on some younger players. The one highlight reel that I watched of Gabriel Pirani made me think of a more energetic Yamil Asad (more like in his first stint with United). A loan for the rest of the year to see how he’ll do in MLS seems like a good idea, and if he impresses, I’m sure there’s a way to move Chris Durkin out of the U-22 slot and use it on Pirani.

And he’s going to need to impress. The offense has looked kind of lackadaisical with Benteke starting to misfire a bit in front of goal, and no Ku-DiPietro to bring a spark. I think Pirani might not be as defensively-minded as O’Brien was either, so the defense might continue to sputter, too.

Matt Glad

Good analysis. I’d be okay sacrificing Pirani on defense if he makes up for it in offensive production. The attack just has nothing outside of half-hearted crosses from the wingbacks who then leave acres of space behind themselves on the counter.


I like Pirani. And either Pirani plays the O’Brien role (as a box-to-box midfielder). Or Klich drops back in to a box-to-box role (for which he is superbly suited for with his 2-way skills and work-rate), and Pirani plays underneath Benteke and Taxi.

Brendan Cartwright

I was wondering if we might see Taxi underneath Benteke and Robertha, but I think having Klich or Pirani in that role would be better. Don’t move Taxi away from goal.


I’ve spoken to this before, But I don’t think it’s hard for DCU to to make room for 2 more U22 players. Taxi Fountas’ wage is roughly 90k above the cutoff for a 3rd DP limiting DCU to one U22 player. It’s possible that limit will go up in the offseason and no rewrite needed, but otherwise it shouldn’t be tough to shoehorn Taxi’s wage under that number, so that the team can add Pirani and another U22 player.

Matt Glad

For anyone keeping track. Messi joined Miami as a DP, same with Busquets, bringing Miami’s DP total to 6, yes 6 DPs. Today Miami and Rodolfo Pizarro agreed to terminate his contract bringing that number back down to 5 according to MLS’s own website. 4 of those players are eligible and listed on the active roster. Gregore is still listed on the injured list so doesn’t count towards the DP threshold of 3. I’m Interested to see how long MLS lets this slide for.

Bryan McEachern

Darth Garber can see this site…..be careful Matt!!!!!

Matt Glad

Let me share my phone number so y’all can check up on me every few hours…..just in case.


The same MLS that treated the LA Galaxy with one set rules and the rest of the league with another for years and years?

Will Nelson

Miami is one of the MLS darlings of course they’ll be treated with kid gloves. It wasn’t till after that one season they got slapped the last time they broke roster rules.

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