Happy Thursday! It’s Hoodie SZN. My SZN. While y’all thaw out and I search for the next hoodie to add to my collection, here’s the news from yesterday.

Bayern Munich stunned by third-tier Saarbrücken in DFL Cup (ESPN)

Harry Kane may never win a trophy. For real.

HIGHLIGHTS: Columbus Crew vs. Atlanta United | November 1, 2023 (MLS)

Columbus beats Atlanta 2-0 behind the strength of 2 Cucho Hernandez goals. The Crew have a 1-0 lead in the series.

Cucho Hernández: How Columbus’ No. 9 became the “best modern forward” in MLS (MLS)

An in depth piece on how Cucho Hernandez has taken over MLS with his play.

In Inter Miami news, they were set to go to China this weekend for a couple of postseason matches, but that trip is now canceled.

The women’s Ballon d’Or continues to be a farce (Pro Soccer Wire)

The 🐐 himself, Jason Anderson, writes an incredible article about how far France Football really needs to go to make the women’s Ballon d’Or the prestigious award it should be.

National Women’s Soccer League Releases Rules and Procedures for 2024 NWSL Expansion Draft (NWSL)

The Utah Royals and Bay FC both receive the rules for the 2024 NWSL Expansion Draft, which will take place on December 15th. The Washington Spirit will get to protect 9 players, with free agents and U-18 players exempt from being selected.

Lionel Messi given hero’s welcome by Inter Miami after Ballon d’Or win (MLS)

Lionel Messi returns to Inter Miami practice a day after winning his 8th Ballon d’Or. The team continues to practice so that Messi can stay in shape for World Cup qualifiers this month.

USA Soccercast, Episode 119: The USWNT wins by playing the kids (SSFC)

On the latest episode of the USA Soccercast, I discuss the most recent USWNT window and take a look at the coaching search and the presumed finalists.

Enjoy the perfect fall day!

ByDonald Wine II

Donald Wine has been a soccer fan since he first kicked a ball as a kid. He moved to DC in 2007 and quickly joined the soccer scene, helping to establish the DC chapter of the American Outlaws and serving as one of the capos and drummers for over a decade. He is currently the manager of Stars & Stripes FC, but this community is where he got his start, and he continues to contribute to anything DC soccer related for this site because he enjoys it so much.

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Talonesque #

The biggest news story is not amongst these. FIFA president announces Saudi Arabia will host World Cup 2034, after Australia officially gave up on their bid.

FIFA orchestrated this by using their own centennial to flip through all the continents that should have come first in their own rotation policy, narrowing the possible entries down to almost nothing. Still, an Australia World Cup would have been very appropriate. Yet here. We. Are.

This is the moment. If the nations of the world wish that FIFA would no longer be their overlords, time to renounce them and create a new organization that doesn’t fucking do this. Or they’re already cowed and bought as well, but I’m hoping for a mutiny.

Will Nelson

Unfortunately money talks.

Talonesque #

Money will buy individuals, but it shouldn’t buy the literal world. Time to ditch FIFA

Bryan McEachern

Sorry, Will is spot on.

They can just get a bunch of indentured labor to move the stadiums from Qatar into position. This dedicated repurposing shows that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and FIFA care about our environment.

Talonesque #

Look, I’m not buying the shrug the shoulders “FIFA gonna FIFA” from people (ourselves included) who can and should fight this. The federations don’t really have a reason to retain their relationship with FIFA if this is their behavior.

It’s tough with the ‘26 WC coming up, but I refuse to believe that FIFA is mechanically essential to host a world wide tournament. We should all push for our federations to do this now, indifference at this point is tacit approval.

Bryan McEachern

FIFA is a cartel. I have no issue with sending it to the dumpster.

Brendan Cartwright

With special ambassadors Syamsir Alem and Danny Allsopp, I hope.


If true, that would have been a bad choice.


Ugh. First, the epitome of “sports washing.” Second, did Qatar teach us nothing about hosting the WC in the Middle East?


Which “us” do you mean? It taught FIFA that there’s money to be made there.

Brendan Cartwright

Brazil is through to the final of the PanAmerican Games. United is hyping up Gabriel Pirani’s role in that. I don’t know if that’s any sort of tea leaves into whether he’ll be back next year or not.

Brazil will face Chile, who beat the USA team. Ted Ku-DiPietro and Jackson Hopkins started for the US, but the team was held scoreless while Chile scored a reportedly great free kick. USA will face Mexico for the bronze medal.

Brendan Cartwright

The PanAm Games are taking place in Chile, although the two teams probably didn’t need the homefield boost. But I’m sure they were appreciative to have it.

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