TFW you thought you scheduled your draft but…apparently not!

‘Living an adult life as a kid’: Washington Spirit’s Trinity Rodman on growing up in year 3 in DC (WTOP): Safe to say she eclipsed expectations since being drafted, no? Then, you know, the radio curse happened!

Recaps of Germany’s 3-1 win over the United States by WaPo, The Athletic and SSFC.

D.C. United beat Medeama in international friendly in Washington (Ghana Soccer): Did you go? Were you the only one there?

Gabriel Pirani ‘lamenta’ falta de oportunidades no Santos, mas celebra fase de Marcelo Fernandes no clube (Lance): At the Pan Am games, Pirani talks about his time at Santos, which seems to have been rocky. He doesn’t share anything on D.C. United or chances of a permanent move here, but a nice angle on his backstory.

Speaking of D.C. United players at the Pan Am games, this nice video the team put together for one of the other kids:

6 Stylish DC Men To Watch (Capitol File): Hey how about that a list of D.C. athletes and personalities and a D.C. United player is on it.

Anyway, hope you get to do some nice things this week.

ByRyan Keefer

Doing D.C./Loudoun United things on here.

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What a terrific TKDP video. Love it! It’s almost up there with the Kevin Paredes video of him leaving for Germany.


Ryan Keefer just shared a screenshot of Pines’ instagram story on Twitter where he says “its been an honor” to Derrick Williams. So, it seems like Williams will NOT be returning to the team next year…and I guess Pines will?


Najar is reportedly in Honduras training there was well and indicating he’s no longer under contacr. The flood of contracts ending is going to come fast and furious now.


Hopefully that is just him doing some training with them. I’d really hate to see Andy go at this point

Brendan Cartwright

Yeah, Najar sure seems like he wants to go. Which is always a bummer when someone actively wants out of DC, especially someone as beloved as Andy. Ruan is a pretty decent right back, and perhaps Greene will be the backup, but that looks to now be one place of many that the new GM and coach will need to upgrade.

I would like to hold on to Derrick Williams for another year. I thought he was probably our best pickup this year after Mateusz Klich (with apologies to Tyler Miller and Alex Bono). He did make close to $900,000 in guaranteed compensation, though. For that rate, we might expect even better performance from the CB position (cough cough, Steve Birnbaum).

David Rusk

I passed on going to the DC United-Medeama match because of the rainy, cold weather forecast, a chest cold, and because I had my STM ticket for the must-win Spirit-NC Courage match the next day.

But DCU ownership surpassed itself with that meaningless, STM-filling out farce on Saturday night. To this moment there is still no match preview, no Apple TV broadcast, no match report — not a speck of information about the result on DCU’s website.

My Google feed gives me a report from Ghana that DCU won 2-1 but doesn’t even identify who scored for DCU.

I have re-upped for season tickets next year because following DCU and the Spirit is one of my interests in my semi-retirement

But what cynical treatment of DCU most loyal fans!

And a total contrast with Spirit owner Michelle Kwan, who managed to put 15,479 real people into Buzzard Point on Sunday — the biggest actual crowd I’ve seen there in 2023 despite DCU’s announced higher attendance.

Bryan McEachern

Man, if DCU follows this site, and they here from me and you….


Talonesque #

Yeah, the ownership group certainly seems to have a healthy supply of straws to put on our backs as dedicated fans, which one will be the last? It’s a fun game for them


Did you go? Were you the only one there?”

Wasn’t the only one there, but… I had $300 in credit to use, so I picked up 2 club seats, They tried with a West-African influenced buffet. Saw some the game from the seats. Zamudio crapped the bed. Santos had 2 assists coming from corner kicks, nice header by Dajome and a spectacular one by Robertha. Where was that during the season?

Talonesque #

Worth talking about the Trinity Rodman red, cuz I felt like I was watching history happen. This will be a part of her story, a low point to rise above and develop even more determination and grit. A lot of athletes have had this moment, but this one felt pretty seismic- red card, going down a player and a goal, and missing the playoffs on points and goal differential. It was reminiscent of Beckham’s infamous red for England. I know Trin is likely in a lot of pain, but, as a spectator, I’m already making the popcorn for next season’s response

Brendan Cartwright

After watching the Beckham documentary… he really took that red card hard. “Lowest moment of his entire life” kind of hard. Exacerbated, of course, by how hard the entirety of England took that red card, and harrassed him for pretty much four years straight.

I was actually doing a study abroad in England in 2001 when he scored the equalizer against Greece that sent them to the World Cup. People were making a huge deal about it. I was only starting to learn about the ins and outs of global soccer at that point, so the impact was kind of lost on me.


Contract notes from Jason Anderson.

Per DCU, individual player meetings are underway and will be going on over the next few days. Deadlines of note include a need to submit bona fide offers by 11/22, while club options must be exercised by 12/1.


Several journalists reporting that we’re also looking at Kyle McCarthy of FC Cincinnati for our GM position. That’s three (four if we count the one we were denied) candidates from fairly obviously successful projects in the last few years of the league. I feel like that’s something worth having some optimism about.

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