Hi there, I’m doing this for Donald, who’s at Vegas(?) for the United States-Mexico game tonight, and who graciously subbed for me while the kids and wife were dealing with a stomach bug that I have not gotten yet and am dreading when I do. Lucky me! Anyway, please to enjoy our international flavored links, which I’m doing as the Washington Spirit play because I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Wayne Rooney reportedly aiming to lure Jesse Lingard to DC United/Wayne Rooney makes Nottingham Forest transfer request but faces Premier League competition So one of these things includes an unspecified report, while the other includes a transfer gossip columnist from the Sun. I don’t know which one is true, though I’d imagine it could be somewhere in between. D.C.’s senior roster is close to maxxed out, and they have all 3 Designated Players, so don’t expect a miracle, would be my guess.

Andy Najar rompe el silencio y responde a Alberth Elis: “No debería de hablar de los compañeros” (Diez): Andy got hurt in a midweek friendly with DC that caused him to miss Saturday’s game and likely forces him to miss Honduras’ Gold Cup tour next week. But he caught up with the catrachos, in DC for a friendly with Venezuela, to talk about where things are with him and the national team, as World Cup Qualifying last time left things a little, let’s say frosty.

Cristian Dájome: “Wayne Rooney es un técnico que no habla por hablar, dice lo que es y ya” (Gol): In which Cristian talks about his career so far and his brief time in DC and his new coach.

Edison Flores volvió a Universitario: conoce desde cuándo no anota el nuevo refuerzo crema (Libero): Hey, remember him? Well he’s back in Peru, on an 18-month loan after just barely less than a year at Atlas.

The night before the Washington Spirit played, the Congressional soccer game transpired, and there was a DC alum gathering of sorts:

Anyway that’s what I got, have a good one!

ByRyan Keefer

Doing D.C./Loudoun United things on here.

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Kerry Hess

Chris Pontius….

Screenshot 2023-06-15 092539.jpg
Will Nelson

Party boy CP13

Donald Wine II

Thanks for working out the trade, Ryan!

I was at the Congressional Soccer Match the other night. It was nice to see CP13 and so many other DCU legends back on the field. Trying to remember all who was there, but we had CP13, McTavish, Alecko, Luciano Emilio, and Tony Sanneh served as one of the coaches.

I’m just trying to get on the field next year!

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Ryan Hunt

It’s hard for me to imagine Lingard fitting into this current squad unless it’s to replace Taxi. Lingard really only thrives when he’s given a free role and not expected to defend much so I can’t see him in the O’Brien or Klich role.


Maybe (just maybe), Rooney sees Taxi replacing O’Brien (so being more of an A-mid). This does fit with two elements of Taxi’s game–running in space, and then making late runs in to the box to have a pass dropped back which he then shoots. He’d be less of a defender than O’Brien. But Taxi has shown a willingness to work, has a high energy level. The other possibility could be a longer term contract (he’s only 30 so maybe it’s for 4 years) and the last 2 he’s a DP.


Not sure I see Taxi enjoying the role, or having the durability for it. He likes taking shots way more than crossing/passing to another teammate (O’Brien can pick out a great pass and often does). But he does put in a shift defensively when we aren’t in possession. I’d rather us look around for another wide player if we’re gonna splash more cash. Or look for someone to compete with Najar for his spot (since he’s also not had a great record with injuries).

David Rusk

Despite McKeown’s first Buzzard Point, a header off Silano’s perfect corner, Spirit suffer home loss v NC Courage 1-2 in Challenge Cup match. The tally to date:

Buzzard Points (home goals): Rodman & Sanchez (3); Metayer (2); Hatch, McKeown, Sheva, Silano, Staab

Talones (home assists): Hatch (2); Bailey, Ricketts, Rodman, Silano, Tanner.

Will Nelson

Its a criminal mistake that the USA vs Mexico CONCACAF Nations League game is only on Paramonut+.

David Rusk

It’s also on Univision and TUDN.


Listening to the Spanish language coverage hasn’t been too bad (even not knowing any Spanish whatsoever). It also doesn’t have Charlie Davies on it, so that’s a pretty big positive too


Multiple sources are reporting that it is a done deal that Gregg Berhalter is returning as USMNT coach. A few details to be ironed out. But the Athletic was the first to break the story, Goff is on it now, other sources as well.

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Talonesque #

I both believe it and kind of can’t believe it. This would be the longest head fake of all time by a sporting organization.

David Rusk

1-0 USMNT V Mexico at half. Pulisic makes one, blows one. USMNT clearly better team thus far.

Talonesque #

I’ve been watching the US Mexico game, this ref loses the plot entirely after a clear red for a blatant frustration kick on Musah by Montes, McKennie gets a straight ref for how he pushed back (checks notes) at least 6 Mexican players crowding him into their bench. Absolute bullshit. Not sure how we really replace his role in the team, as good as De La Torre is.

Last edited 5 months ago by Talonesque #
Will Nelson

Unfortunately McKennie put hands on the neck of a Mexican player while pushing him away.

Talonesque #

Pepi makes it Tres a Cero, cuz Mexico deserves all three tonight.

Talonesque #

BJ Callahan had a sense of humor, bringing in Aaronson late for a bit of energy at 3-0 😂

Talonesque #

Well, let’s see how many reds there are for this thing at the end. Mexico clearly playing for cheap shots and wanting to get the US on a number of suspensions

Talonesque #

Both teams on 9 men now, Dest and McKennie out for the final.

Talonesque #

And the fans get in on it with the homophobic chant just before the 90th minute. Pathetic.

Talonesque #

The ref does not abandon the game but adds 12 minutes on so Mexico can hack at us and incite violence on the field.

Talonesque #

And the chant happens again, the ref becomes suddenly deaf

Talonesque #

Third time’s the spine, calls it several minutes early. This ref was completely inadequate for the occasion.

Talonesque #

To be clear, Dest lost his head badly after a very naughty action by Mexico on a throw in, but the game was well out of control by that point, and this ref was horrible.


The chants last night were horrible. US Soccer needs to enforce the first stage punishment from their new policies on fan behavior. Anything less is a clear statement that US Soccer values ticket sales more than my life.

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