Hi there, so I’ve been a playdate magnet for my oldest, which is fun but sneaky demanding. Come on kid, Star Wars stuff is right over there!

Recaps of D.C. United’s 1-0 loss by us and WaPo.

Recap of the Washington Spirit’s 2-1 loss to Orlando by us. Mane Land with the other end.

Reviewing Loudoun United’s 2-0 loss to Hartford (us): Welp!

D.C. United Loan Midfielder Jackson Hopkins to Loudoun United FC (DC): Whatever take I had on this you can find in the Loudoun review above.

Southampton: Swansea manager Russell Martin one of leading contenders to take over as boss (Sky): D.C. adjacent, and a note that Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan will be looking for their what, eighth manager in seven years?

This Amazing Club – Manchester City are Champions Again (Bitter and Blue): Just like Lance Armstrong baby!

Immediate Reaction: Valencia 1 – 0 Real Madrid (Managing Madrid): Valencia looking ugly as they hurled racist chants at Vinicius.

Anyway, I’ve got some icing of legs to do after all this running. Thoughts and prayers.

ByRyan Keefer

Doing D.C./Loudoun United things on here.

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Kerry Hess

I must admit, over the last two matches, with an injury list almost long enough to field another team, and on short rest, I was ready to see two losses. I (and I think a lot of the fan base) have been wary of D.C. United’s lack of depth. I’m not sure I can say that anymore. The same starting lineup that just shut out the Union and Galaxy, putting in a dominant performance in both matches, while launching three in the net late in the second match in 4 days… this squad was scraping the barrel of our roster, and it worked.

If the team can appear this competent with that roster, maybe a healthy D.C. United can actually do something special in this league. They will have the summer to acquire some more talent so as to maybe solidify some consistency in their performances, but I can’t bemoan the team’s current depth any longer.

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The key has been Benteke’s hold-up play. He has clearly been the team’s MVP so far. Without him though, I fear the team’s attacking deficiencies would be exposed. I also fear what will happen if O’Brien leaves at the end of his loan. He clearly has been key in the teams turnaround. The front office needs to figure out a way to sign him for the remainder of the season.

Like the rest of the fan base, I have been pleasantly surprised by the turnaround, and Rooney’s impact on the team’s morale. It is evident that his fingerprints, moreso, than Kasper’s, has had a positive impact on the culture of the team. I wish Rooney would stay for longer than just this season.

Vamos United!!!!

Kerry Hess

Benteke absolutely elevates all those around him. He has no replacement, and that’s scary, but I don’t dwell on it too much. I want my team’s DPs to play so well that I fear losing them. Benteke is an MLS All-star talent. I’d wager most MLS teams would struggle to replace that kind of talent on their rosters. If a healthy Robertha or a summer signing can fill the hold-up role that Benteke provides, I’d say that would suffice to keep Taxi and TKD/KDP/TKP running rampant in their roles.

I do hope the team can do something to keep O’Brien, though I’m not keeping my hopes up. What I do hope for is that the FO sees the importance in having a player like O’Brien and therefore has a shortlist of players ready to target this summer if the need to replace O’Brien does come around.

Talonesque #

We have literally no leverage or enticing reward to keep O’Brien. He’s not particularly old, and he wants to continue his career potentially as a premier league player. I don’t know if he goes back and wins a starting spot for Forest, or really any other team in this insanely competitive premier league, but I don’t blame him for backing himself. He came here to get some playing time and form back, he’s obviously accomplished that. I would love him to stay, but barring signs of waffling on his larger dream, I think we need to quash that particular hope and accept that we need to dive into the transfer window.

Brendan Cartwright

Yeah. The goal needs to be finding someone as close to him as possible. The in-house option is putting Durkin there, but I don’t think that really gets us close enough to what O’Brien provides (and Durkin has also been needed to fill in for other roles that are missing due to injury). Maybe it’s Palsson, as our other center backs recover and are ready for minutes again. If Kasper can find a way to move Ravel’s contract, then they should have a good amount of resources to land a good talent.

Do they have some players like that identified? Can they make and close that deal? Can they move Ravel, or would Levien et al be open to buying him out if it meant we could bring in this crucial other player? Lots to answer there.


I’m not sure what the rationale was for not buying him out and just leaving him off the roster…and continuing to pay him. No one seems interested in paying a fee for Morrison, and maybe not even his wages.


I would assume that the main rationale was not wanting to move his wage off the books, where the club would pay his contract instead of the league.

Talonesque #

It is truly nice to be able to project optimism into the rest of the season, this is normally the time of year where we have to either divest from that thinking or get magical with our thinking. This is obviously better, and there’s a lot of people to thank for that

David Rusk

As rain let up, DC United rain Buzzard Points on Galaxy 3-0: the tally to date;

Buzzard Points (home goals): Benteke 4; Ku-DiPietro & Klich 2; Dajome, Durkin, Fountas, Greene

Talones (home assists): Ku-DiPietro 2; Benteke, Canouse, Fletcher, Jeahze, O’Brien, Ruan, Santos

Taloncitos (drew home penalty kick): Fountas


I’m hopeful that we’re seeing the fruit of punting on the Open Cup. The team’s made it through a pretty rough patch of schedule (in terms of congestion and player availability) with a decent haul of points and playing quite well against both ends of the SS table. We’ll hopefully have our most technically gifted guys back soon with everyone else feeling pretty confident.

Will Nelson

We missed this and its wild. In the Southeast Asian Games men’s soccer Gold Medal match Indonesia defeated Thailand 5-2 AET, but Thailand had been reduced to 7 men and Indonesia to 10 through red cards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g–Z-C_t75w

Will Nelson

OGDC’s Jack Iscaro makes MLR’s First XV for week 14 of the season. https://www.majorleague.rugby/news/first-xv-wk14-2/ They placed him in the loosehead prop position. Jack had 68 meters run with the ball, 15 tackles made, and 23 ruck arrivals.

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