Low angle of a Washington Spirit team huddle forming

Hey there, hope the weather worked for you too yesterday!

Recaps of D.C. United’s 2-1 loss to FC Cincinnati by us and WaPo. Cincinnati Soccer Talk with more.

Recaps of the Washington Spirit’s 3-1 win over the San Diego Wave by us and WaPo. San Diego Union Tribune with more.

Reviewing Loudoun United’s 2-1 loss to Indy Eleven: Chesky’d!

Christian Benteke: DC United’s gentle giant still has plenty to give (MLS): Nice writeup by Chas.

Andy Coleman: American named Swansea City chairman as he buys stake in Championship club (BBC): Apparently he has a D.C. interest? Who knew?

Anyway, I’ve had a busy weekend and I have to do some more #Loudoun #content, so talk to you later!

ByRyan Keefer

Doing D.C./Loudoun United things on here.

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David Rusk

An anecdote to kick off the week:

Saturday afternoon I was walking from Waterfront Metro to Buzzard Point for the Spirit’s match. Not having purchased any Spirit gear yet, I was wearing my Screaming Eagles rooters shirt.

As I walked down Second Street SW next to Fort McNair, a stranger (a nice lady who, in retrospect, was obviously not a soccer fan) reached out to stop me.

“Thank you for your service,” she said with a big smile, shook my hand, and then walked away.

I was so startled that I didn’t think to tell her that the REAL Screaming Eagle is my grandson Daniel, who served a three and a half year tour of duty in the 101st Airborne Division, including a stint in Bahrain.

PS: The Spirit put on a great show Saturday with a season record crowd of 12,000+. All District Press Commentariat should turn out to help the Spirit fill Buzzard Point to capacity.


That’s fantastic 😂

I’ll have to make the drive up from Richmond but would definitely love to check out the Spirit sometime later in the year (as much as the heat will kill me).

Matt Glad

Two MLS coaches have been fired today: Chicago’s Ezra Hendrickson and NJRB’s Gerhard Struber. I was a little surprised with Chicago’s decision. On the other hand, I was more surprise that it took NJ this long to sack Struber.

Brendan Cartwright

Just hoping the Red Bulls stay in disarray for the Open Cup game, and they don’t get the new coach bounce.


I’m a little surprised about Hendrickson, not about Struber.

Bryan McEachern



Chicago’s looking at another total reset. Given their lack of success (or even competence) for the past …. Many years, he wasn’t their issue. I think they end up finishing bottom of the league if they just roll with an interim.

Brendan Cartwright

Just a little dap to Cristian Dajome. He looked pretty good in his debut, and with Santos and Najar out for awhile, he should be getting some good run. I think we can also expect to see him in the Open Cup.

David Rusk

A comment that I’ve made in other threads: Trinity Rodman and Christian Benteke are very similar in that defenders just cannot handle physically either effectively. Rodman is faster but both have great foot skills, incredible balance and the brawn to muscle their way past defenders.

Talonesque #

I think it’s possible you’re just describing pure athleticism, which for sure they both have. It’s not the worst comparison, although I think I would say, from what I’ve seen, Benteke has a appreciable agility to go with his size, but that Rodman has enough grace to be considered superhuman. You rarely see that sort of superiority, and if there was actual parity between the finances of the women’s and men’s professional structures, Rodman would be pursued well past the 100 Euros mark.

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