It’s a wonderful week to be a soccer supporter in the DMV! If the three straight regular season wins – four if you include Open Cup – for D.C. United isn’t enough for you, we’ve got an upcoming Spirit match on May 6 that screams excitement. Let’s get into it!

Both Christian Benteke and Victor Pálsson were named to Team of the Matchday for Week 10 after stand-out performances against Charlotte FC. We love to see it!

Can’t get enough of last Saturday’s action? Check out our tactical analysis and play this video on repeat:

Reminder! Washington Spirit has a star-studded match coming up on Saturday, May 6. Don’t sleep on this chance to see Trinity Rodman, Alex Morgan, and more soccer royalty at Audi Field.

Burnley FC just announced that Kealia and J.J. Watt joined the club as investors. Kealia Watt said, “In the US, I’ve seen the NWSL grow into something really incredible, and we’d love to be a part of growing the women’s team here and be a part of their journey.” Learn more about their investment here;

We’ll leave you with this gem. Thank you to Jason Anderson for posting this one up so quickly after Saturday’s match.

BySarah Kallassy

Managing Editor

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David Rusk

Memorable Buzzard Points squash Charlotte 3-0: The tally to date:,

Buzzard Points (home goals): Benteke (3); Durkin, Fountas, Greene, Klich, DuPietro

Talones (home assists): Canouse, DuPietro, Jeahze, O’Brien, Ruan, Santos

Taloncitos (drew penalty kick): Fountas

Brendan Cartwright

I think Ku-DiPietro has two home assists. One for Benteke’s goal against Toronto, and a secondary assist on Greene’s goal against Charlotte.

David Rusk

Thanks. Always happy to give credit where it’s due I was going by DCU’s post match recap which only credited O’Brien with an assist.


I actually think the bike against Charlotte was more impressive–Benteke had less time to pull it out of the air. You can see him on the cross against ManU where he is setting himself and getting ready for the bicycle. Furthermore, the ManU goal (brilliant though it is) wasn’t directly overhead but more 3/4s–higher than a side volley. Great shot and score but easier than a direct overhead bike off of a 50-50 ball.

Agreed that Palsson had a fine game. But frankly, I thought Pines was just as good and I’m sorry to see he didn’t match the Match-Day team. He has been very impressive the past couple of games.

And Sarah, kudos to you and the DP team for getting content up so quickly. No criticism of anyone else but I’m used to seeing days (in the past) with no content. Or it would appear at 2 or 3pm.

David Rusk

Amen to kudos to Sarah and staff for breakfast hour postings.

Talonesque #

Heh, this video reminded me that Pines legit dribbled and drove back four (4!!!) defenders before actually passing well out of the scrum to the wing. I was visiting my folks that night, turned to my Dad and with fake horror said “Pines… Who ARE you?!” My admiration for that moment was real, though.

Brendan Cartwright

David Ochoa got released by his Mexican team. You’ll never believe it, but he’d been sent down to train with the U-20s because of indiscipline.

I thought that it was a good deal to get him, and felt like a gigantic miss to not sign him to a contract in the offseason. But once again, I know nothing. Tyler Miller has been fantastic, and the locker room spirit has been really good. Alex Bono had a massive showing in the Open Cup, and the coaches seem high on Luis Zamudio too.

Ochoa is young and has great talent, but he seems to have soured his last three teams on him. Moving on from him was the right move for DC.

Talonesque #

Yep. Ochoa aside, I for one am glad our third GK is a very promising teen, by most accounts. It’s usually a bummer of a position for anyone with any ability, but it’s a great opportunity for him to learn from two competent pro’s.

Brendan Cartwright

Zamudio is 24. Still plenty of time to grow into a good keeper, though. And I think we have some good keeper prospects in the academy, but I’m not certain of that.

Talonesque #

Gotcha, misunderstood the hoopla around him, thought he was another teenage homegrown


I was sort of sour that we missed him this off-season (I thought maybe we were being cheap), but he doesn’t scream anything more than “serviceable starter” on talent alone. Bill Hamid was performing at a much higher level when he became out starter. Things have worked out pretty well for us indeed.

The sad thing for Ochoa (if we want to call it sad), is that he kept his mouth shut while he was with us. As much as we sucked defensively, he seemed to have figured out “just gotta do my job.”

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