The Washington Spirit’s first draw of the season.

The Takeaways:

  • …The Real Washington Spirit? The media presser at the end of the season opening game, Coach Parsons as well as a few players emphasized how they won, but it wasn’t the real Spirit. It wasn’t the real team they’ve been hinting at these last few weeks. With a strong, steady start this week, it’s hard to say if they’re closer to the real Washington Spirit.
  • Difficult Closing Out. With the frustrating end to the last two games, it’s not hard to see that the Spirit are having a little trouble closing out games. Player substitutions, fewer shots on goals and less offensive momentum, can all be responsible, but it seems like the Spirit are still getting their footing this season.

Box Score: 2-2

NWSL Regular Season – Game # 2

First Half –

During the opening five minutes of the first half, there were a lot of turnovers as both teams were fighting for offensive control. The next few minutes saw a few more throw-ins and turnovers than the previous game. At the sixteenth minute, with a pass from Bailey, Hatch sends the ball to the back of Louisville’s net. The Spirit go up 1-0.

Moments later, with Rodman surrounded by four Louisville players, takes a shot on goal that’s padded away by their goalkeeper, Lund. Hatch a few plays after, in between two Louisville defenders, kicks the ball to the back of the net, creating a 2-0 lead.

Racing Louisville’s offense with the ball feet away from Kingsbury, Staab creates a turnover, accidentally kicking the ball away into Kanu’s face, causing her to go down, and soon after being subbed off. Feist gets subbed off, and with a penalty kick at Sullivan’s feet, she lines up for the kick, but it’s Staab who takes the kick, with the ball going right off the goalpost.

Second Half-

Early in the second half, Louisville’s captain Erceg heads the ball into Washington’s net, breaking the Spirit’s lead in half. Louisville started and held the offensive momentum this half, with cleaner passes and fewer turnovers. Sanchez was subbed off for Douglas, and moments after being on the pitch Douglas took a shot on goal, with the ball being padded up and away by the Louisville goalkeeper.

Hatch, looking to complete her hat trick, takes a shot on goal saved by the goalkeeper. A few short moments later, with her first NWSL goal of her career, Borges scores against Washington, evening the score to 2-2. With the second half nearing its end, all the offensive momentum the Spirit had in the first, are noticeably missing from the second half, especially the final minutes. 

Mike Parsons gets a yellow card for arguing, clearly frustrated on the sidelines. Metayer who received a yellow earlier in the game, receives a red card for a rough tackle, the first red card given out this NWSL season, which will cause Metayer to sit out during the Spirit’s next game.

After tough tackles, turnovers and seemingly endless throw-ins, the match ends in a draw. 2-2.

Washington Spirit Goals – Hatch 16’, Hatch 32’

Racing Louisville Goals – Erceg 46’, Borges 65’


Washington Spirit (433)

(C)Kingsbury; Bailey, McKeown, Staab, Carle; Metayer, Sullivan, Feist; Rodman, Sanchez (Douglas 62’), Hatch

Racing Louisville (433)

Lund; Milliet, Holloway (Howell 76’), (C)Erceg, Pickett; DeMelo, Pikkujämsä, Borges; Wang, Kanu (Davis 42’), McDonald (Monaghan 62’)

Misconduct Summary:

Washington Spirit- Mike Parsons (Argument) Metayer 83’, Metayer 90+3

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