Recaps of D.C. United’s 2-0 loss to the Columbus Crew by us (with more from us here), WaPo, and MLS. Massive Report with the other end.

Roger Goodell, Muriel Bowser discussed future of RFK site in December call (WaPo): Oh I bet they fucking did.

Ted Ku-DiPietro, a homegrown talent, brings ‘a hunger’ to D.C. United (WaPo): Who’s pulling for Ku? Everyone, everyone is the answer.

Washington Spirit sign 15-year-old midfielder Chloe Ricketts (us): I’ve seen glimpses of her in the USL-W and she looks pretty good, nice add for Mark Parsons.

Bucks County native Marisa Sheva plays for the Republic of Ireland women’s soccer team (Inquirer): Nice profile on the Spirit midfielder

USL Championship’s all-time scoring leader Dane Kelly returns to Charlotte (USL): The DC legend takes a step down to play in League One, but will come up for Charlotte’s Open Cup game with Loudoun presumably.

Three new signings announced Tuesday (Pittsburgh Riverhounds): Former D.C. draft pick and Loudoun alum Michael DeShields re-emerges with the USLC after returning to the New England Revolution II side.

SD Loyal Signs Forward Adrien Perez (SD): Nice move by Landon Donovan’s side as Perez originally re-signed with his indoor soccer side in California a few weeks before this.

Finally I wrapped up Season Two of Reservation Dogs a little late but recommend it to any and every one. This montage of people meeting their deceased ancestors covers emotion, laughter, beauty, the whole thing. Go see it if you haven’t:

ByRyan Keefer

Doing D.C./Loudoun United things on here.

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Will Nelson

Please take Woodbridge out of the equation for the WFT stadium. I live near the property that they bought down here. Its an old dairy farm that hasn’t been actively farmed in years. Traffic is already horrendous on Sundays and during evening rush hour. Metro doesn’t come this far south, there’s no effective mass transit on Sundays. In other words, its the worst possible location they could pick and RFK is a way better site.

Last edited 8 months ago by Will Nelson
Bryan McEachern

I think a data center would be better. We can turn Snyder into a pdf and then cut the power.


I live near RFK and it has just as many problems as Woodbridge if not more.

Will Nelson

It at least has metro access and other mass transit options. Woodbridge doesn’t.

Bryan McEachern

RFK would need major transit upgrades (redesign) to improve interstate/main road access to the surrounding lots. There is opportunity to make improvements in civic-minded ways as well (stadium or not). Metro access is sauce for the goose. Also RFK could be designed with soccer also in mind and become The National Stadium for our USWNT and USMNT, and various major tournament clashes plus all the other honchos who would otherwise be kicked to a place like FedEx.

Will Nelson

Like the times the US Eagles (US Men’s Rugby XVs) decide they need to be taken to the woodshed again by The All Blacks of New Zealand?


Love the changes to the comments area – thank you!

Still having trouble logging in with jetpack. I click Login above, it says “log in as GumbyG,” so it obviously knows who I am, but when I click “Log In” it says wordpress can’t find my account, and to make sure I’ve connected it to wordpress, which… I’mma need more information about what that means and how to do it. Below that it gives me the option of logging in with my username and password, which… takes me back to the first page that says “log in as GumbyG”. Rinse and repeat.

Anyone else having this issue?

Will Nelson

Same here. So I just put my name and email in the fields. It finds my account that way.


Same here.


And, very weird, but I’m just sharing this so Sarah and Team have information….I just received an email from the District Press saying my comment above (“Same here”) has “been approved.” I haven’t received anything prior to or after this comment saying my comment has been approved. So there’s some inconsistencies going on.

Again, not a complaint. I’m very grateful that this site excites and the rich content we’re seeing from the team (what do we call y’all anyway…The DP Team? Sarah and Co? DCU Independent Journalist Consortium? DSN? Fellow Fanatics?) is available. I just want to share any possible bugs or inconsistencies as the site gets broken in.


It’s been that way since day one for me.

Kerry Hess

I had this issue as well, but it appears to have been solved. The following convoluted steps solved my problem:

Step 1: Log in using WordPress.
Step 2: On the Jetpack link asking you to connect with, click “Get help setting up Jetpack”
Step 3: Rather than filling out anything on the following page, go to the top right, select your account avatar, and select “Manage your sites”
Step 4: This should bring you to an approval page to link and accounts. Select approve.

At this point, you can log in normally on Step 1 and everything should hopefully work. I have not had the problem occur since doing the above, but this all is, admittedly, just anecdotal.

Will Nelson

Interesting reading today from The Athletic ($ wall/worth it): 100 Minute Premier League Matches Coming
An attempt to fight against time wasting “FIFA Time” from the most recent Men’s World Cup is coming.Depending on how that’s implemented….it could go well or horriblyIFAB rejecting temporary Concussion Subs trialPersonally I think the concussion subs should remain permanent. Sometimes it can take days for symptoms of a concussion to appear.Goalkeepers booked for distraction tactics on pksPlans to trial a budget version of VARAutomated offsidesRefs communicating VAR decisions to fans in stadiumEstablishment of working group on Ref abuse.

Last edited 8 months ago by Will Nelson

Man I just love hearing about his drive. Maybe it’s that he hasn’t gotten any jaw-dropping offers yet, but it sure sounds like he’s being smart with how he progresses through his career. I don’t see him going to rot on the bench of some third-rate club in Europe or uninterested Premier League team (where he’d probably impress anyway if the chance ever came). Hope we’re not hyping him too much too early.


Well, it’s going to take a while for us all to get this figured out, but I’m excited to be posting here!

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