Hi there, so…we’re doing this!

Two things as you drift over from the old place; the first being we ask for your time and patience in this. You’re finding this new space and stretching out in it just as we are, and there are bound to be hiccups, growing pains and the like. It’s natural, so please bear with us. Comment, leave feedback, anything that can make you and us better.

The second is full credit for this goes to Sarah Kallassy. She’s put this together, along with working a day job, being a Mom of two kids, and got it up and running hours before D.C.’s first game. I said online and will repeat here; we hope to do her work and your patronage justice.

With all that said…

Recaps of D.C. United’s 3-2 win over Toronto FC by us, WaPo, and MLS. Waking the Red (yes they’re still over there) has the opposition end.

Leeds United supporters ‘so happy’ for Mateusz Klich after stunner on MLS debut for DC United (Leeds Live): Man if we like him even a little bit like Leeds fans do, he should be cool.

After the game, an interesting bit of news popped up:

The contract thing was news to me (I trust Niko on this), but is this something that’s highly desired by D.C. United in 2023? The circumstances (familiar with the area and many players) lines up, he could be the replacement player for Martin Rodriguez, but he made more than $450,000 in his last time with D.C., and hope we’re not near that neighborhood this time if it happened.

Meanwhile, while Bill Hamid works to close a deal with bottom of the Scottish Premiership Dundee United, another D.C. United goalkeeper for 2023 hangs them up:

Anyway I don’t have a lot left, other than let’s have some fun here:

ByRyan Keefer

Doing D.C./Loudoun United things on here.

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Adam Taylor

Freedom Kicks LIIIIVE!!

Bryan McEachern

Nice site!


So who does everyone think TKD was shushing in the celebration?

Donald Wine II

I miss Asad and hope he can be a difference maker. Also, it’s a bit of a selfish reason that I want him back, as one of my 2020 jerseys will once again become current.

Matt Glad

Nice job y’all! Nothing better than a DC win and proper journalism persevering in the end. Now only if we could get the podcast going again…

David Rusk

Late Buzzard Points mark DC United’s thrilling comeback 3-2 over Toronto FC.

Buzzard Points (home goals): Benteke, Klich & Ku-DiPietro

Talones (home assists): Canouse, Jeahze, Ku-DiPietro.


Good to see you made it over to the new site


Glad to see you made it over to the new site


True Freedom Kicks is extricating yourself from the corporate overlords.

Many thanks Sarah for getting this up and running! I commented that this site is much faster and less glitchy so far than the previous one (RIP), so I’m already pleased. And thanks Ryan for continuing to have Monday Freedom Kicks up bright and early! It’s as important as coffee.


I’d kick the tires on Asad for the right price. He is comfortable on the ball. Good skill set for possession.Just use him as a sub until he is match fit.


The guy had two really productive years for us. After that we really needed someone to carry the team and he just isn’t that player. But as a role player, I really like him. Agreed – for the right price.


The question is did he decline because he was declining or did he just not get along with Losada. If it’s a Losada problem then it might work, if it’s the latter it’s a huge risk.


If some MLS team isn’t paying Kempin and then dumping him on another sucker when they realize his lack of talent, what are we coming to???

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

In less “thank goodness he’s not on our roster” sentiments, HELLO, Freedom Kicks on its own site! Feels good! Congrats to all the writers, and with special thanks to Sarah for making this site so welcoming.

And back to my patented negativity, I don’t know if Asad is really worth taking back now, seems we’ve already got a similar and probably more consistent player like him in Pedro Santos, and I’d rather get Fletcher minutes.


Thanks Sarah and Ryan !!!!!


I am finding signing in a bit awkward. Is there a permanent sign in option somewhere? I am dutifully clueless. Doc96


Hello world!


Taxi will be out for a while according to Goff. Uff.


So how does a reader who wants to support your site and the work you’re doing go about helping keep things going?

Kerry Hess

Just so you don’t get ghosted on this subject, we are going to be revealing that information down the road. For now, we want everyone to simply enjoy the site and bear with us as we work out the kinks!

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