Jason Levien, CEO and Co-Chairman of D.C. United, is finally able to move on after a lengthy case in which former club general counsel Christopher Deubert filed a whistleblower complaint in New York and D.C. that accused Levien of avoiding millions in taxes by lying about his state of residence. A judge dismissed the case today as reported by Washington Business Journal.

In a copy of key quotes from the court filings provided to The District Press for review, it was stated that “this investigation led to the conclusion that this action entirely lacks merit . . . and that Defendant, in fact, owes no taxes to the District.”

Furthermore, “after additional research, Deubert now has a different understanding of the relevant law and apologizes to the Office of Attorney General (‘OAG’) accordingly.”

Deubert’s misunderstanding extends further than his filing against Levien. Multiple D.C. United employees, past and current, stated to The District Press that Deubert had mentioned pursuing others at the club in a similar fashion.

Parting ways from D.C. United in 2021, Deubert was involved in the issue surrounding stadium security back in 2020, during which staff members were asked to fill in for professional security during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The topic of Mr. Deubert’s departure from the D.C. United was raised shortly after his filing. The District Press reviewed an email sent to Levien’s attorney at Arent Fox Law, Jackson Toof, by Deubert in June of 2023 that states:

“I offer to drop my opposition to the District’s motion and to voluntarily dismiss the NY action if:

  1. Jason releases a public statement of regret concerning my departure from D.C. United; and,
  2. I have a private call with Jason.”

In a formal statement provided to The District Press, Levien said, “This case wasted more than two years of the District Government’s time. Unfortunately, a former employee who has never seen my taxes manufactured these accusations for his own personal monetary gain, only after he and D.C. United parted ways in 2021. After the Attorney General’s Office found his accusations meritless, the former employee then disparaged the Attorney General’s Office.

His allegations were offensive, as I have a long-standing track record of commitment to the Washington D.C. community and care deeply about my reputation, relationships, and contributions in the District. I am grateful for today’s court ruling dismissing this matter, and I know the District is as well.”

When The District Press followed up with Levien early this evening, he said, “We are thankful we can put this behind us. And we look forward to the important work that D.C. United has in front of it.”

The Black-and-Red are poised to select a new general manager and a new head coach to replace Wayne Rooney during this Major League Soccer offseason.

BySarah Kallassy

Managing Editor

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Well, based on what you’ve just presented, this is good news. I feel better about Levien. It’s better than just beating this case in court, for a judge to hold it is meritless makes it sound like this was a frivolous and groundless suit.


Totally agree. And extra kudos to you for reading actual court docs.

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Bryan McEachern

It was utter rubbish and I am very glad that Jason is vindicated.


Our long DMV nightmare is over. Now, the FO can get back to the business of building a contending team, and maybe giving the Season Ticket Members some respect.

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