You all know what day it is, so let’s dive right on into the kicks!

Revolution players refused to train after Bruce Arena resignation (The Athletic): The drama continues… questions posed to New England are being directed to MLS. How long will the league hang on to its surprisingly-well-kept secret?

U.S. Soccer names 27-player USWNT roster (SSFC): Say farewell to Julie Ertz and Megan Rapinoe, who will not actually play together so that each has their own sendoff match.

USMNT preparing for “great test” against Oman to close September window (SBI): I include this as my fill-in for the results of the USMNT game, as I sadly had to schedule this post before the match concluded so I could get some rest before today’s work day. Was it indeed a “great test”?

Washington Spirit’s Paige Metayer’s journey from undrafted rookie to pro starter (WTOP): The Spirit’s star has some whispering “rookie-of-the-year”.

Lionel Messi out for Argentina at Bolivia: How this boosts Inter Miami’s playoff hopes (The Athletic): When I first read this headline, I thought it was the Nutmeg News. Alas, this headline is real.

To end the morning read, a chuckle from r/MLS’s Meme Monday… It’s going to be an anxious final month of regular season play.

Get kicking in the comments!

ByKerry Hess

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Things are quite a mess in NE. Clint Peay is now their interim coach. I thought ABMOD and Arena were tight. But apparently Richie contributed part of the information that got Arena canned. Also, two of their assistants (van den Bergh and Shalrie Joseph) have been dismissed–they were big Arena supporters).

BTW, sometimes I try to post and get the message “Noonce is invalid.” What the heck is a “noonce”?

Will Nelson

Its a web security thing. A noonce is a one-time token that protects web forms from misuse by things like CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery). To fix you need to either 1) refresh your browser and clear cache, 2) temporarily deactivate in plug-ins you may have running, 3) revert back to a default theme (site admin function), or 4) replace your WordPress core files (site admin function).


Poor Robert Kraft. Imagine the consternation he felt in finding one of his employees made an insensitive remark. Not to mention he has to pay rent to the Patriots owner so his Revs can play in Foxboro. Oh well, his tax preparer probably can figure out a way to benefit from it.

Kraft will probably have to go blow off some “steam” at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

Separately, I saw a vaguely familiar face on MLS’ website but couldn’t put a name to it at first. Apparently Clint Peay has aged about 20 years in the past 20 years! I don’t know what it is about these guys from the past. I look at myself in the mirror almost every day and don’t notice any sudden changes… 😉

Brendan Cartwright

If Nigel Robertha plays in five of United’s last six games, he’ll have played in as many games for DC United as Wayne Rooney.

Kind of rooting for this now.

Brendan Cartwright

I’ve been something of a Robertha apologist in the past, but the only striker with fewer goal contributions in at least as many games as Robertha has played for DC was Conor Doyle. And, in fact, if you look at players with fewer games played than Robertha, all of them have more goal contributions too, until you get to Lionard Pajoy, at 32 games played.

Brendan Cartwright

He’s got height and some decent pace, and seems like he can strike a ball reasonably well. He’s just a) been injured; b) played out of position; or c) not really shown all that much when he’s had his chances. And he somehow still doesn’t have his green card.

I don’t know that it’s an actual choice between keeping him or Fajardo for next year, but would you choose him over Fajardo?

Michael Carter

On a per 96 basis Robertha’s stats are a tad bit better or maybe put another way, easier to understand given the limited number of starts and minutes, barely over 2000 minutes played in his entire DCU career. Stats are kind of middle of the pack as far as DC attackers go. Robertha’s 2021 numbers are comparable to Benteke’s this year on a Per 96 basis (note this is purely in terms of goal return). ASA is the source for this –!/mls/xgoals/players.

Talonesque #

Worth mentioning, our boy Kevin had a goal contribution almost immediately after coming on, albeit an assist on an own goal, but it was a very good one. Low ball across the ground with his weaker right foot that required a defender lunge. Everyone celebrated like it was a goal with him, great moment for Parades.

Will Nelson

Natalie Simon, the first black woman to earn the FIFA badge for refs, will become the first black woman to be the head ref of an MLS match this evening as San Jose takes on RSL.

Will Nelson

US Men’s Eagles (XVs Rugby NT) have named their roster for their one off match in Rio Tinto against French Top 14 Giants Toulouse on 30 September. Its the only US Men’s Eagles match on U.S. soil this year. All but 3 of the roster come from Major League Rugby as it falls outside a World Rugby International Window. Only Jack Iscaro for OGDC was named to the 33-man squad.

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