Box Score: 0-3

Game – # 14

The Takeaway

  • How The Spirit Look With Absent Players – This home game at Audie Field for the Spirit, was their first official game with several of their usual starters gone after being called up to their respective national teams for the Women’s World Cup. No one knew what to expect exactly, even with the few games without the aforementioned absent players not starting, the outcome wasn’t the same considering those players would often be subbed on mid-game. The Spirit had built momentum throughout the season before the World Cup call ups, and now it’s a bit apparent that the team is going through a bit of an adjustment throughout the lineup.
  • What To Look Forward To – There are always ups and downs to any match, win or lose. This match specifically showed the intensity and fearlessness of the players we didn’t get to see as often during the early half of this NWSL season; the Spirit rookies. With the Spirit temporary signings and lineup changes, these next few summer games have the potential to be big moments for players we likely wouldn’t have seen more of this soon. 

Game Recap:

After an hour long weather delay, the Spirit match started with a slight groggy feel. One major difference aside from the absent national team players, was Hatch getting the captain’s armband for the match. Early in the opening half, with Orlando controlling most of the offense, Doyle rebounds the ball sending it into the back of the Spirit net. Spirit went down 0-1 at the 8th minute. 

Not long after the opening goal of the match, it’s Doyle again with the ball, sending into the back of the Spirit net once again. Spirit down 0-2. Moments later, Hatch has the ball and takes a shot, but it’s wide towards Silano in front of Orlando’s box, and as she goes to flick the ball in, the shot is deflected. 

Despite being down 0-2 early in the opening half, the Spirit took shots, with most being wide and deflected by the Orlando goalkeeper and defenders respectively.

With the start of the second half, Ricketts comes on for Brooks, immediately getting the ball with the crowd roaring in excitement, but Ricketts is met with defenders and nothing comes up the possession. Hatch soon after, has the ball near Orlando’s goal, dribbles the ball out a bit, takes the shot, but it’s too high. The Spirit are still down 0-2.

Orlando has the ball, and runs up the field right to the Spirit’s goal, Watt gets the ball and takes the shot, but it goes off on the Spirit’s McKeown, then straight into the Washington goal. Own goal, Spirit down 0-3.

Not long after the yellow card, Staab has the ball and sends it with a long pass straight to Hatch, Hatch takes the shot but the ball is deflected, no goal. With the second half nearing its end, and eight minutes of stoppage being added, the Spirit sent two more shots toward the Orlando goal, both being wide and high, no goals.

The Spirit lost 0-3, creating a two-game losing streak.

Washington Spirit Goals – 

Orlando Pride Goals – Doyle 8’, 16’, McKeown (OG) 61’


Washington (442)

Barnhart; Bailey, McKeown, Staab, Carle; Jaurena, Brooks (Ricketts 46’), Douglas (Kuhlmann 46’)(Speckmaier 90+3’), Metayer; Silano (Biegalski 62’), (C)Hatch

Orlando Pride(433)

Moorhouse; McCutcheon, Montefusco, Madril, Strom; Cliff, Villacorta, Abello (Martínez 90+2’); Tymrak (Allen 90+2’), Doyle (Watt 58’), Bright (Jimenez 65’)

Misconduct Summary:

Washington Spirit- Hatch 76’

Orlando Pride- Abello 46’, Montefusco 67’

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