This round’s leader was Dukes SC, scoring 120 points and besting everyone else by 10. At the top of the charts is still BL4CKnRED, who eased their overall lead up to 74 points.

Positional Leaders
San Jose’s Daniel ($7.2) kept a clean sheet on the way to 10 points, leading the position. Behind him, David Bingham (POR, $7.4) scored 8 points on a clean sheet, and Steve Clark (HOU, $8.4) scored 7 on the same. DCU’s Tyler Miller ($7.5) scored 5 points.

Houston’s Micael ($6.4) is another mononymous player leading his position, combining a clean sheet and a goal on the way to 15 points. Trailing were Denil Maldonado (LA, $7.4), with a goal and 12 points, and Rodrigues (SJ, $9.8), with a clean sheet and 11 points. The D.C. defense featured Ruan ($7.1) with 5 points; Derrick Williams ($5.6) with 2; the quartet of Donovan Pines ($9.6), Gaoussou Samake ($4.8), Andy Najar ($5.5), and Brendan Hines-Ike ($4.3) with 1 point; and Steven Birnbaum ($6.1) with the ignominy of scoring -3 points.

Hany Mukhtar (NSH, $14.7) scored a hat trick on the way to 18 points, leading the midfielders and all players, ahead of Carles Gil (NE, $12.5), who scored 14 points on a goal and an assist. Mateusz Bogusz (LA, $7.0) rounded out the top three with an assist and 10 points. The United midfield was led by Chris Durkin ($6.6) with 6 points, followed by Lewis O’Brien ($7.0) with 4, and botth Mateusz Klich ($8.9) and Russell Canouse ($6.3) with 1.

Gustavo Bou (NE, $7.7) paired a goal with an assist on the way to 12 points, leading the forwards. Behind him were Carlos Vela (LA, $8.7), who scored a goal and 10 points, and Alan Pulido (SKC, $7.9) with a goal and 9 points. The D.C. forwards were Christian (Benteke, $9.1) with 3 points, and Kristian (Fletcher, $4.0) and Cristian (Dajome, $4.0) with 1.

Looking Ahead
It’s another big double game week. New England, Dallas, DCU, Columbus, Minnesota, and Miami are the only teams playing just once, so load up on two-gamers. I like Andre Blake (PHI, $8.3) in goal vs. Orlando and @ Miami, and Alvarao Barreal (CIN, $12.0) in defense vs. Toronto and @ DC. Barreal’s teammate, Luciano Acosta ($11.9), is a must in midfield, and Nicholas Gioacchini (STL, $8.2) has scored in three straight matches, so give him a look at forward vs. RSL and @ San Jose.


Blasian has followed soccer since the mid-90s, and D.C. United since 1996. Though he now lives in Seoul, South Korea, he follows MLS as closely as he can. He's a half-Korean and an adoptee, things about which he's happy to talk to you if you cross paths with him on Twitter or Instagram at @BlasianSays.

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