The Spirit had an incredible match with a hard fought comeback win.

Box Score: 3-2

Game – # 12

The Takeaways

  • Slow Start, Strong Finish – With the Spirit having a habit of starting matches a bit slower compared to the teams they’re playing, it’s not surprising how this match against the Current opened. However, with exceptional efforts from Sanchez, Metayer and McKeown, the Spirit pulled off a huge comeback win. Earlier in the season a strong finish seemed to be a little inconsistent, but this game proved the Spirit aren’t a team that should be counted out.

First Half –

Kansas City started off the match fast and strong, with their rookie Cooper, scoring 23 seconds into the match. After scoring the fastest goal in NWSL history, it took a moment for the Spirit to match the momentum the Current were playing with. A handball is called against the Spirit, leading to a penalty kick for the Current. At the 23rd minute of the match, Debinha scored her 5th of the season, 40th goal in her NWSL. Spirit down 2-0. KC’s Kizer runs through the Spirit midfield, right by defenders passing the ball to Debinha, from Debinha to Hamilton, back to Kizer, as Kizer heads the ball straight into Kingsbury hands. 

The Current controlled the offensive control for the opening thirty minutes, but it’s Sanchez who ran through the midfield and scored by herself at the 36th minute. Pulling the Spirit within one a few short moments before stoppage time and the end of the half.

Second Half –

The second half started with a few Spirit substitutions, Sheva in for Jaurena, and Silano in for Hatch. Sanchez makes a pass to Rodman deep inside KC’s terrority, and Rodman makes a no-look backheel pass back to Sanchez, but the play is broken up by KC defenders. Soon after, Debinha gets the ball with another chance to potentially score, but McKeown is there with a smooth tackle to break up the run. Keeping up with KC’s pace, McKeown is there with a tackle once again to stop Hamilton’s chance. 

The Spirit, building off of their goal at the end of the first half and McKeown’s big stops, have much more offensive control this half. With a corner kick at the 82nd minute, Metayer headed the ball into the Current goal, equalizing the game. However, it’s at the 88th minute that Bailey makes a pass across, with McKeown gracefully tapping it in to score the game winning goal for the Spirit. McKeown, who had one of her most defensively impressive games so far this season, showed how offensively skilled she still is after switching positions, by helping the Spirit come back and win after being down 2-0 early in this match.

Washington Spirit Goals – Sanchez 36’, Metayer 82’, McKeown 87’

KC Current – Cooper 1’, Debinha 23’ (PEN)


Washington (442)

C) Kingsbury, Bailey, McKeown, Staab, Carle; Sullivan, Metayer, Sanchez (Douglas 86’), Jaurena (Sheva 46’)(Kuhlmann 90+4’); Rodman, Hatch (Silano 46’)

KC Current (433)

Miller; Fava, Ball (Soto 46’), Robinson, Mace (Spaanstra 72’); DiBernardo, Gautrat (Larson 46’), Debinha; Cooper, Hamilton (Rodriguez 68’), Kizer

Misconduct Summary:

Washington Spirit- 

KC Current- 

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David Rusk

Excellent recap, Jodabney, of a great comeback. Spirit now in sole control of first place.

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