Happy Thursday y’all, and welcome to the month of June. It marks the first day of Pride Month, so for those who identify as LGBTQIA+, this month is for you. The hope is one day we as a country make it a priority to celebrate you every day, but we accentuate that support throughout this month. And for us who do not identify as LGBTQIA+, this month is for us to learn and grow so that we can be better allies to our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers who do identify.

Welp, last night happened. After going up 2-0 off goals from Donovan Pines and Ted Ku-DiPietro, D.C. United gave up 2 goals in 2 minutes to Montreal and the match ends 2-2. If you want to stomach it, here are the highlights.

Sevilla beat Roma on penalties to win seventh Europa League title (ESPN)

A thrilling Europa League final went all the way to penalties, but in the end, 3 things in life are certain: death, taxes, and Sevilla winning Europa League. It’s their 7th Europa League title, the most ever.

Also, before people dismiss LaLiga as a farmer’s league, which is the words most used to describe them among EPL fans, check out this stat and remember the dominance:

USA Soccercast, Episode 108: The interim replaces the interim (SSFC)

I’m back with another episode of the USA Soccercast to discuss all the USMNT news that happened this week!

Brazil files complaint to FIFA over racism at U20 World Cup (ESPN)

Can we just stop with the racism please? I feel incensed that we have to repeat this every few days.

Lionel Messi: Argentine set for decision on future – and it won’t be Barcelona (BBC)

The Lionel Messi “sweepstakes” seems to be in its final days, with the new credible rumor stating that a move to Saudi Arabia is “imminent.”

England Women’s World Cup squad: Beth Mead left out, Beth England in (BBC)

England released its Women’s World Cup roster, and Beth Mead is out. Beth England makes the final cut.

That’s it for today…enjoy the day!

ByDonald Wine II

Donald Wine has been a soccer fan since he first kicked a ball as a kid. He moved to DC in 2007 and quickly joined the soccer scene, helping to establish the DC chapter of the American Outlaws and serving as one of the capos and drummers for over a decade. He is currently the manager of Stars & Stripes FC, but this community is where he got his start, and he continues to contribute to anything DC soccer related for this site because he enjoys it so much.

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Bryan McEachern

It was the best of pines, it was the worst of pines…..

Will Nelson

That performance was actually worse than the one at Toronto. There is no excuse for a team to cough up a 2-0 lead with 15 minutes left to a team that has major issues scoring goals. That failure falls on Rooney and the 11 idiots on the pitch who couldn’t stay focused on sealing the deal. Instead they kept pushing for a third (meaningless) goal and got caught out twice in 2 minutes. Losada plays the quick counter – when does that work? When a team foolishly pushes numbers up when it doesn’t need to and gets exposed.
Also, I’m getting over Lewis O’Brien fairly quickly. He’s had two poor games in a row and for two games in a row probably should have seen straight red for stupid studs up tackles.


Ok. So in past seasons when teams would sit back on a lead, fans would lament the horrors of Bennyball and how the team deserved to either end up with a tie or a loss because they played it safe and bunker. Yesterday’s team were I guess aggressive and now are deemed idiots because they kept looking for a third goal when they shouldn’t have. Is that correct? Not the way I see it. The Toronto and Montreal games showed the two major flaws of this team and is not that they are aggressive in seeking to score. The two major faults are that 1) they are not clinical enough, wasting too many scoring opportunities and 2) they haven’t learn how to press intelligently. The second goal Toronto scored was telegraphed in mid-field when about six DCU players decided to press for the ball and were left thin in the back when Insigne was able to free the ball from the press. I would argue that the tying Montreal goal was similar in nature, even if we are tempted to attribute it mostly to Pines losing his position. And from my point of view, Klich’s game was even worse than O’Brien’s. At least that is what I got from watching in the stadium.

For all those bashing Birbaum, I somehow think that with Birbaum in the game, the corner kick goals allowed in both these games have a lesser chance of taking place. Though honestly, Tyler needs to be better at positioning himself. A better keeper, and yes by that I mean Hamid, would have stopped those goals.

Finally, to all DCU players, shoot the ball. Take a chance. Don’t just attempt to pass it to Benteke and Taxi in the box. Sometimes you have the better angle, if nothing else you may create a dangerous rebound that Taxi, Benteke or Teddy can then put away.


When you have a 2 goal lead in the 75th minute, you don’t get out of shape. There was no need for a third goal, so why press numbers forward? This team has enough talent to see out that lead against a very mediocre Montreal team. Olsen’s teams were hanging on because the personnel sucked. They generally couldn’t score on an open net, so they just absorbed pressure. Talking about Hamid is pointless, 2023 Hamid < 2023 Tyler Miller, it’s not even close. Hamid was a free agent all winter and no team in MLS took a flyer, he finally got help from his buddy Tim Howard to find a spot in USL, that speaks volumes on where his game is today.
I do agree that too many of the DCU players look pass before shot. The worst culprit last night was TKDP, who tried to find Benteke a number of times when the better choice was shoot and look for rebounds in traffic. This is a very flawed team and if they don’t play smart, they will get abused.


I get that Miller is “better” right now than Hamid on his current form. And it might be ‘pointless’ as you say but hey we spent 10 years or so watching a guy just save shots that many others wouldn’t. So forgive me for going back to that mental image and longing for it. But I have soft spot for Hamid, always will. Same with Ben, Marco and Jaime.


I disagree. Montreal is a better team than TFC at the moment. And basically, Miller misreads one cross (taking him out of position) and Pines misplays a ball/tackle. Neither goal happened because we were pressing forward. And frankly, both happened with Montreal was getting the better of play, owning more possession–they weren’t against the run of play.

Will Nelson

As part of The Athletic’s Journey to the Cup series, Steph Wang sat down and interviewed Ali Riley the captain of New Zealand Football’s Ferns and a player for Angel City FC: https://theathletic.com/4568427/2023/05/31/ali-riley-new-zealand-world-cup/

Will Nelson

Here’s the full Journey to the Cup coverage: https://theathletic.com/tag/the-journey-to-the-cup/

They are all interesting reads.

David Rusk

Despite two Buzzard Points, DCU let’s win literally slip away 2-2 v Montreal. The tally to date:

Buzzard Points (home goals): Benteke (4); Ku-DiPietro (3); Klich (2); Dahomey, Durkin, Fountas, Greene, Pines

Talones (home assists ): Benteke & Ku-DiPietro (2); Canouse, Fletcher, Jeahze, Klich, O’Brien, Ruan,,Santos

Taloncitos (drew home penalty kick): Fountas


First goal–Miller comes off his line and fails to reach the ball, thus allowing a slow and looping header that would have been savable if he had read the initial ball correctly and stayed on the line (but shifted a bit to his left). Second goal–Pines–ugh!

What a shame. This was 2 points given away. I’ve been critical of Losada the past 12 months. But he had Montreal playing a good tactical game. They clearly felt that Miller would struggle in traffic and were determined to test him.

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