It’s Wednesday, folks. Happy (Loudoun) United Day? Let’s just dive on into the kicks, shall we?

U.S. Open Cup action last night: D.C. United lost to the New York Red Bulls a day after the Red Bulls sacked their head coach. I’d say it’s the new coach bump for them, but really, when you’re playing on a remote university pitch next to a parking garage, I think you just want to get the match over with and go home.

Power Rankings: Miami, San Jose & Vancouver skyrocket after Matchday 11 (MLS): Looking at these rankings, I just can’t make heads or tails of the top spots here; however, I do enjoy scrolling to the bottom and seeing the general consensus on Wooden Spoon form. With SKC’s win, LA Galaxy have entered the race for the spoon.

Why Loudoun United FC’s Panos Armenakas might be the best player you’ve never heard of (USL): Ryan got the beat yesterday, but Armenakas is definitely getting noticed now!

Open Cup Preview: Loudoun United vs. Columbus Crew (Loudoun United): D.C. United isn’t the only DMV team to play a match in the latest round of the US Open Cup. Loudoun United plays the Columbus Crew tonight.

I must say, that USL Championship Team of the Week had a familiar honorable mention…

NWSL Weekend Take-Off: Golazos abound as hard times continue in Chicago, Houston (Pro Soccer Wire): The Spirit dominated, yes, and reading about it feels great, but read on to see how the rest of the league faired.

Brian McBride: USA roster a “delicate situation” for U-20 World Cup (MLS): A friendly reminder that the FIFA U-20 World Cup is in 10 days.

That’s all for now. Get kicking in the comments!

ByKerry Hess

Contributing Author for The District Press

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Matt Glad

I always have mixed feelings when it comes to the Open Cup. It’s very low hanging fruit when it comes to playing for a spot in the Champions League. So seeing coaches trot out their B or C teams and seeing them put up a lackluster performance is frustrating.

On the other hand, from a coaching standpoint I can understand why you wouldn’t want to risk injury over a tournament that many around the league tout as the least coveted piece of silverware behind MLS Cup and the Supporters’ Shield. Either way I’m sure Rooney isn’t happy but also isn’t upset that he doesn’t have to think about this tournament for another year. Any other thoughts?


I think it’s a test of those B/C teams and DCU usually comes up lacking. (at least for the last decade) Big chance for those B/C team players to step up and be noticed and think it will show progress when DCU is able to once again consistently win in the cup

Brendan Cartwright

I understand wanting to rest players, and I understand that we have a lot of injuries which sort of helped select the roster (and Teddy KDP’s injury just before the game didn’t help). But yeah, I want a team to go for it. I want them to demonstrate some sort of serious stance towards it. It’s a tournament. It’s your rivals. I know the team dropped the “Win Trophies, Serve the Community” motto awhile ago, but making an honest effort to win a trophy shouldn’t be too much to ask. You’re right, we’re not Shield contenders. Maybe we’ll make the playoffs, but it’s hard to see us as doing it as something other than one of the lowest seeds. Why not go for this? If you win last night, four more wins and you have a trophy!

How can you demonstrate a serious stance? Organize a bus for supporters. Bring at least one DP for the bench. Don’t schedule a friendly against Necaxa for a date that conflicts with the quarterfinals (and lord knows we’ll probably see a DP or three in that game, also risking injury). Have Wayne give enough of a shit to do the postgame remarks. Besides a couple of fleeting images of him in the corner of a shot that wasn’t focused on him, I would have been hard-pressed to tell you that he was even there. As it stands, United last made a serious effort at the Open Cup in 2013, and won it. Since then, they’ve only beaten one MLS team in the tournament. Have they been “focusing on the league?” Well, they’ve also only won one playoff game since 2014, so they haven’t really been serious about THAT competition either.

This is all before even getting into how bad most of the players looked. I might have called for Jackson Hopkins and Kristian Fletcher to be getting more time in league play, but they certainly didn’t show they deserved it here. Yamil Asad was basically invisible. Chris Durkin was running the offensive show by spraying long balls over the endline that were nowhere close to a teammate. Erik Hurtado bungled his only chance, and Ruan did likewise. Bono looked pretty good, and congratulations to Brendan Hines-Ike on his return to play, but otherwise, the team gets a grade of WOOF.

Brendan Cartwright

They better beat Nashville (which, I believe, they never have).

Bryan McEachern

WOOF? Bren, are you mocking my Clumber Spaniel?


They looked like a bunch of guys who hadn’t played together. The defense especially, there were acres of space available to the red bulls on that goal.

I’m ok with playing the B/C team. They just have to look like they’re prepared, and the staff should back them up.

Bryan McEachern

Rooney was gone before he arrived. I don’t dislike him one bit for it.

Last night, I had the game on my iPad while I watched the Westminster Kennel Club on my widescreen surround sound thingamahoogey. I glanced down at my iPad, on occasion, and recognized that we were going nowhere but home. We should put a bit more into Open Cup because it’s one of the big three to get, and we aren’t getting the other two (but for a miracle run in MLS Cup). Frankly, I think Open Cup is fun. More fun when you win it.

What’s more concerning:

The Clumber Spaniel was totally robbed last night by the Fake Judge and his Fake Media Sycophants.


I’m never happy when my team does not take our rivalry seriously. Did I miss the team statement that NYRB are no longer relevant to us? Did we get Charlotte or Philly assigned to us by MLS? Did anyone tell Alecko?

Bryan McEachern

Swish and spit. Repeat.


I think there are two issues:
First, do you start your regulars? I’m all in favor of fielding younger players because this is unique experience (win or go home) that starting a regular season match doesn’t match. It’s a great learning experience.
Second, do you take it seriously? Now that’s the rub. Do you scout the opposition? Put in a tactical plan for them, treat it serious in practice or as an after-thought? And I suspect that a lot of the time we’ve been guilty of blowing it off. And that makes a big difference.

Brendan Cartwright

I think it also helped that the Red Bulls have an organizational philosophy that’s been in place for years. Yes, they started some regulars, but not that many in the way of difference-makers. But they all knew how to press. United looked much less cohesive, even though they were in the 3-5-2 that Rooney now favors.


Given this was a Tuesday match after a Saturday night road game followed by another Saturday match, no coach in his right mind would take it seriously because the schedulers haven’t. You don’t bring you DP players to this goat rodeo — what if Benteke blows out his knee on that state college fake grass field? If he’s injured in a league match, that’s the breaks. If he’s injured in a match like this, it’s a self-inflicted wound.

I watched the match (with the sound off after 10 minutes) and was unimpressed with any DCU players. Asad and Durkin looked like rotational MLS players and that’s it. Greene kept trying to win headers (unsuccessfully), Akinmboni looked 17 and Sargis looked like a USL rotational player. Dàjome was invisible, Fletcher really doesn’t seem to offer anything at all and why Hopkins even is on the roster is a complete mystery. That kid went from the “Gressel replacement” to “could he even make his HS squad” type of player. Just awful.

There often is a meme among fans of all sports that the bench guy should get a chance because he or she is “better” than the starter. Well, the bench guys got their chance last night and they blew it.

Bryan McEachern

Hopkins regression has been curious. I was quite impressed with him last year.


Agreed. I want more explanation on why he’s not getting minutes in games.

Bryan McEachern

And I want to know why the Clumber Spaniel did not win Best in Show at Westminster. I demand answers!!!!

Brendan Cartwright

Last night was a pretty good demonstration. I wouldn’t mind him getting some games at Loudoun to sharpen up.


I remember way back when for a time that Ben Olsen for some unknown reason played Branko Boskovic in an open cup game. At the time Olsen was not starting him in regular matches because he was not fit (a common Olsen meme for he is not hustling). After scoring 2 great goals I believe a second-string defender took him out and he tore his ACL late in the game. It was a horrendous tackle.

The field last night was turf so it is no wonder that you didn’t see the starters on 3 days’ rest. The game was pretty forgettable and I also wonder what has gotten into Hopkins. Fletcher had some moments, but he keeps the ball too long and gets dispossessed. He was put in a position that does not suit him as he’s only 16 and has a slight frame. I think he should have been played wider so he could run at players.

Will Nelson

If anyone wants to checkout Old Glory DC. Their game this Sunday on Mother’s Day at 1:30 PM at Segra has a sale. The link is on their site: . $15/ticket for sets of 2-5 tickets. They are hosting the Eastern Conference leading New England Free Jacks. When they played earlier this season OGDC had a late 2nd half surge and almost came from behind for the upset win.

Last edited 7 months ago by Will Nelson
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