The Spirit ended the match against the Chicago Red Stars, tied at one.

The Takeaways: 

  • Still Undefeated- Although the last few matches haven’t been the prettiest to watch, the Spirit are still undefeated in the regular season so far. Frequent draws to end matches after opening the scoring seem to be a recurring theme, but it’s still early in the season so there’s no reason to panic. 
  • When It’s Time To Worry…- On the topic of panicking, when is it safe to say the Spirit has us worried? Frequent draws and given up leads are some of the less fortunate things that happened on the field last season, but as of right now the Spirit are still getting used to a new system, not including players who are getting used to their new positions. Draws are frustrating, but as long as it’s not a loss the Spirit are headed in the right direction.

Box Score: 1-1

NWSL Regular Season – Game # 5

First Half – 

Saturday night in Chicago, with the Spirit starting with the all at the beginning of the match. The first ten minutes Chicago had most of the offensive control, slowly building momentum. The Spirit got the ball with tight passes in Chicago’s box, but none of these connected for goal. McKeown, the former forward now converted to a defender, made more and more moves forward, ultimately resulting in a yellow card, the first of the match at the 17th minute.

The Spirit won a penalty kick. Hatch stutter stepped in front of the ball and kicked it into the bottom left corner, opening up the scoring of the match at the 29th minute. Soon after, Chicago, with a viciously fast pace, ran the ball up the field, leading to St-Georges scoring at the 33rd minute.

St-Georges with another chance, the ball at her feet, kicked it straight to Kingsbury, leaving the game still tied. McKeown who had slowly but steadily made her way up the field, closer to an attacking position had a shot on goal slightly off the side of her foot, but the ball was off target. The first half ended tied at 1-1.

Second Half-

Opening the second half, Chicago didn’t have the ball for long. Hatch got the ball and took a shot on goal, attempting to break the tie in this match, but it went out and led to a goal kick. With another offensive run, Carle sent the ball to Hatch. She headed it in but the ball went straight over the post. 

Chicago got the ball back and shot it sideways but Carle was there to break it up, leading to Kingsbury scooping it up safely. Chicago’s Stevens and St-Georges ran up the left side of the field, yet again trying to create the offensive play for their team to break the tie, but Kingsbury was there, deflecting the ball away. Then Wright broke away from everyone else. Alone, she took a shot but another save by Kingsbury. 

The Spirit recovered the ball, and with everyone in front of Chicago’s keeper Naeher, the ball went toward her but she punched it away. Hatch was there to get the rebound but nothing connected. Still tied. Sullivan took a shot on goal; Naeher was there with the save. Staab, having been more physical these last few games, got a yellow card after going over the back of a Chicago player. 

With the final minutes of the match nearing, both teams foght for offensive control and scoring chances by creating turnovers. Ricketts, who was subbed on for Jaurena at the 72nd minute, had the ball, went down and drew a foul. Free kick for Washington. Sanchez and Sullivan talked it over, before the whistle blew. The ball was kicked and went just beyond the goal. It was barely kept in, but no goal. Still tied 1-1. Ricketts with the ball again, fearlessly going through Chicago defenders, took a shot on goal, the ball bouncing straight into Naeher’s arms. Rodman, coming in with a feed from Ricketts, took a shot, but Naeher was there with another save. The stoppage time ended, and the Spirit end another match with a draw after leading.

Washington Spirit Goals – Hatch 29’

Chicago Red Stars Goals – St-Georges 33’


Washington (442)

(C)Kingsbury; Carle, Staab, McKeown, Broooks; Metayer, Sanchez, Sullivan, Jaurena (Ricketts 72’), Hatch (Silano 72’), Rodman

Chicago Red Stars (343)

(C)Naeher; Milazzo, Davidson, Krueger; Wright, Nagasato, Roccaro, St-Georges (Bike 75’); Hocking (Aguilera 89’), Schlegel (Bianchi 80’), Stevens (Cook 75’)

Misconduct Summary:

Washington Spirit- McKeown 17’, Staab 67’

Chicago Red Stars- 

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