Happy Wednesday folks! It will now be a while until D.C. United is back at Buzzard Point, so hopefully Mother Nature will take that time to finally prepare a warm weather match for us to enjoy when the team returns.

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Now… to the kicks!

Lewis O’Brien seems to be acclimating well to the new locker room. I may be more optimistic than most about this season, but if players can get and stay healthy, I see a string of results going in United’s favor in the future. The season is young and teams can always get hot down the road.

Power Rankings: LAFC remain elite, LA Galaxy slide before El Trafico (MLS): D.C. United’s results aren’t going their way, but other teams in the league are also known to be struggling in ways that, if I may be so bold, are worse than the Black-and-Red’s.

Swanson undergoes knee surgery, offers no USWNT return timeline (Pro Soccer Wire): Mallory Swanson will begin her recovery after a successful surgery yesterday. May it be a speedy one.

Speaking of players out for the long haul, Eryk Williamson’s 2023 has ended prematurely.

Expect the USMNT roster for its upcoming match against Mexico to be announced today.

The Vanzeir saga continues with Dante Vanzeir stepping away from the club indefinitely. More on this story to come I’m sure.

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at new kits? The Maryland Bobcats released their 2023 home kit and goalkeeper kit. As a MoCo resident, I feel quite biased toward loving that home kit.

And for those who may have missed the Annapolis Blues kit…

That’s all for now. Send your own kicks in the comments below!

ByKerry Hess

Contributing Author for The District Press

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David Rusk

From Buenos Aires. Way to go, Kerry! Keep mentioning Buzzard Point. Though it’s not as catchy in Spanish: Punta del Buitre.

David Rusk

Real Madrid (1982-1995) did have a star striker, Emilio Butragueno, who was known as El Buitre.

Bryan McEachern

And in Red Bull Speak it is The Morgue.

Brendan Cartwright

Lewis O’Brien has definitely been saying a lot of good things for a guy who is most likely to be gone by July. I thought he looked pretty good in his debut, and Russell Canouse seemed to pick up his game. I don’t know if that’s due to O’Brien, but whatever it is is a good thing.

Brendan Cartwright

I liked that they put some of his youth pictures in his locker to make him feel at home for his first game. I think that might have been Claudia Pagan’s touch. I’m not sure if they do it for other new players, but I really thought that was great.

Bryan McEachern

Those Maryland (both sets of them) jerseys are really nice. (This coming from a Virginian)

The USWNT vs Ireland game showed me that the world is (predictably) developing depth of competition for the next World Cup. Should be exciting. I am so bummed for Swanson’s untimely injury.

Will Nelson

I don’t give us good odds of the traditional Dos A Cero result on the 19th.

Will Nelson

DCU’s social media team did a player profile for Lewis O’Brien: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LpynGmF8cc

Will Nelson

USMNT roster has dropped and not a single DCU player in sight: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/usmnt-call-in-20-mls-players-for-mexico-rivalry-showdown

Though there’s a former DCU player in Paul Arriola. I miss his dynamic attacking runs from the right wing/midfield.

Will Nelson

Whoops missed him

Brendan Cartwright

Just imagining him serving in balls towards Christian Benteke’s head…

Talonesque #

In fairness, we let Gressel go, because Hopkins was judged to have great potential in that area, and needed minutes. That Jackson hasn’t gotten those minutes on the right this season, especially in a 4-4-2 which relies on wing service, is the bigger problem for me.

Bryan McEachern

I was a big proponent of Hopkins last year. Totally passed my eye test (like that is gospel). I wonder if he simply plateaued or is dealing with injury (?).

Talonesque #

I’m quite flummoxed, he’s only gotten significant minutes on the left, which isn’t his natural position, and in my opinion doesn’t make best use of his skill set, but he grew into the game and still affected play. On the right, he is able to serve in crosses and dribble on his favored foot, which is kinda what you do in a 4-4-2. Why Durkin and Santos have been favored there, IDK

Talonesque #

I don’t know if there’s a word in any language for the negative feeling I have for continued Yackson Yueill sightings for the senior team. Not for him as a person, don’t know what he’s like, only his soccer IQ and movement… or lack, thereof


Hey Kerry, I’m still having issues logging in, but that could honestly just be me. Do y’all have a DM system or email I could send questions/comments to?

I’ll give it another go when I’m home on my laptop.

Will Nelson

If you have a Google account you can use that log-in instead.

Will Nelson

MLS Instant Replay has the pk as a pk.

Will Nelson

Here’s the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_fR57WF260


I photoshopped this Apple TV feed using the grass cuts as a reference and adjusting the angles due to perspective. The offside was not as close as it looked in the live-action shot.

Will Nelson

We play Hernan Losada’s Montreal on Satruday. And Mason Toye is now out for 6-8 weeks: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/cf-montreal-forward-mason-toye-out-6-8-weeks-with-knee-injury

He’s started the 2 of their 6 matches and made a sub appearance in 3 of the other 4. He joins an already long list of injuries. Where have I heard of a Losada team having lots of injuries before…?

Brendan Cartwright

They just traded away Kamal Miller. Hopefully it helps the DC attack to not be facing a CONCACAF international defender.

Will Nelson

Former DCU player Marcello Gallardo (2008 season, 15 regular season app with 4 goals and 1 appearance in USOC) could be close to taking over at Chelsea: https://www.thechelseachronicle.com/club-news/report-chelsea-close-to-appointing-47-year-old-manager-for-next-season-hes-like-a-father-to-enzo-fernandez/


4 goals but one of those I recall as amazing!

Brendan Cartwright

One of my favorites in DC history. And he did play in the final of the 2008 Open Cup.

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