Last weekend, my wife reminded me why I enjoy soccer. She remains so new to soccer as entertainment that she left the stadium on Saturday having had a wonderful time. She pointed out that the game was close, the D.C. United had lots of chances, and the day in the city was a pleasant experience. While I may have tossed my hat on the ground at the second Revs goal, and stomped my feet at the final whistle, I have to admit, she was right; I had a great time and was ultimately pleased at how, despite the loss, our team looked entertaining much of the night. I was also pleased that she improved her list of identifiable players from 0 to 2: Benteke and Taxi. It’s a humbling adventure watching a fan in the making!

I digress… it’s Wednesday, and we have some kicks!

Signs of strife in Portland, Dynamo benefit from BennyBall & more from Matchday 5 (MLS): Ruan with a Doyle-approved pass of the week? Nice. BennyBall with the nuanced tactical recognition it’s long deserved? Nice.

Power Rankings: Columbus Crew, Orlando City surge after Matchday 5 (MLS): D.C. United move down a spot to 25, but can any Power Rankings be taken seriously if it lists LAFC ahead of Saint Louis?

Buzzard Point will be buzzing with a packed stadium for the All-Star Game:

Loudoun United are playing in the US Open Cup! It’s happening!

NWSL Weekend Take-Off: Thorns imperious, VAR off to a rocky start (Pro Soccer Wire): A recap of NWSL’s week 1, authored by Jason Anderson, making it automatic required reading.

Catch up on the Spirit’s season opening day with the new Hey Spirits podcast:

26-player USWNT roster named for April friendlies (SSFC): Julie Ertz sighting!

Remember to give your own kicks in the comments! Have a great Wednesday!

ByKerry Hess

Contributing Author for The District Press

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Still bummed that the ASG isn’t MLS vs. Mexico, have a feeling the stadium will be filled with “gunners” from Fairfax and Germantown…. the whole thing feels like a step back (although if we’re doing steps back, do look forward to the return of an East/West game, or to try something new maybe CONCACAF versus the rest of the world would be fun)

Matt Glad

I like seeing other teams for now. The league has shoved the USA vs. Mexico thing down our throats so it’s nice to have something different. That being said, I understand what you mean by “a step back” since it’s MLS’ best players vs. an EPL team. Yes, the league leaders, but still.


Playing the EPL is lose-lose for MLS– if we lose it is because we suck, if we win it is because they are in pre-season. Wonder how many Euro fans it converts which think is the reason for doing it in the first place.
Another variant would love to see is captains pick their teams and then play, would it be wild and messy and street-ball like? Yes. Would it be fun? Yes! But then again I’m one who still misses the shoot out at the end of games.
Hear what you’re saying about the league over-hyping the US-Mex matchup but still thought it was fun


I think a factor that makes MLS v. Mexico not as good is that in June, we’re going to see the USMNT against the Mexican NT playing in a game that matters.

Matt Glad

Here’s a name I didn’t expect to read today. FIFA are pulling the U-20 World Cup from Indonesia after a talk between Giani Infantino and Indonesia Football President, Erik Thohir.


And they’re also talking about a fine for Thohir as well. Wonder who’s going to be hosting this event–it’s supposed to be occurring in May. If USSF was a tad more organized, I’d think the US would be a candidate–plenty of stadia, hotels, practice facilities, warm weather.

David Rusk

Hello from Buenos Aires. Last night over dinner with my in-laws Delcia and I watched Argentina dismantle Curaçao 7-0 with a hat trick by Messi.

The most remarkable thing for me was not the match but the site — Estadio Único Madre de Ciudades in Santiago de Estero. It is a gorgeous, ultramodern stadium for 42,000 completed in 2021.

Most football stadia (five years of high school Latin, folks) in Argentina are going on a century old now.

Santiago del Estero is a city of 252,000 in the province of the same name (900,000+) in Northern Argentina. The city is called “Madre de Ciudades because it is the oldest city in Argentina (est. 1553) and from which six of the county’s major cities were later established. (But not Buenos Aires— it was founded for the second time (the first failed in 1536) in 1580 from Asunción, Paraguay.)

The new stadium, I’ve been told, was built largely with funds from the Peronista/Kirchnerista Government, whose political support is based in the provinces outside of Greater Buenos Aires.

I’ll let the Commentariat imagine a hypothetical counterpart in the USA.

David Rusk

Boca Juniors fired Hugo Ibarra, its manager, today after just 36 matches. His record: 20 wins, 7 draws, and 9 defeats, and having won two titles. The reason? “A style of play without clear definition.” Rumored replacement: Tata Martino or Jose Peckerman.

Argentina is a different football world.

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