Sorry for the late FKs, everyone. It’s been a busy week at my other job, and an unexpected family visit has me scrambling.

D.C. United acquires Lewis O’Brien on short-term loan from Nottingham Forest (Washington Post)
The rumored acquisition has come to pass, and we have some more details. Under the terms of this deal, O’Brien will be with D.C.

Attain CEO Greg Baroni talks sports, investment in Loudoun (The DP)
Our own Ryan Keefer talked to Greg Baroni about his acquisition of Loudoun United FC, plans for the team, and more. Check it out!

2023 World Cup Home Kit Leaked (SSFC)
We’ve seen at least a mock-up of this blue-spotted kit before, but this leak is a bit more official. Seems like it’s a controversial kit, but I like it! Certainly better than the 2022 white kits with bib and center crest.

Thierry Henry rejects France women head coach role; keen on USMNT vacancy – sources (ESPN)
France’s search for a replacement for the ousted Diacre gives us some hints about who may be on the short list for the USMNT job.

If you have any thoughts on the name for a very small horse, you can still submit them today to Loudoun United! After names are submitted, there will be a fan vote for the mascot name, and the winner will be revealed on April 1. Personally, I think someone should tell Loudoun that Pegasus is already a name, not a type of creature, but that’s probably me being a pedant.

Remember, we have two games of note this weekend:

D.C. United vs. New York City FCSaturday, March 18 at 7:30 p.m.Yankee Stadium
Loudoun United FC vs. San Antonio FCSunday, March 19 at 4 p.m.Segra Field

Have a good weekend, all! May your March Madness brackets not be busted!

ByAnnie Elliott

Mostly writing about the Washington Spirit

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Will Nelson

Dadgum it the Old Glory DC game (home at Segra playing Toronto) is on at 7 on FS2 and DCU is on at 7:30.

Bryan McEachern

Cupcake is taken at Salamander……
We need a name for this wee horse….
Roger Daltry?

Brendan Cartwright

Little Sebastian Giovinco.

Talonesque #

Oh, goodness, I hope Henry doesn’t become USMNT coach, his coaching career in MLS was basically “Hey! Thierry is coaching in MLS! Ain’t that something?” to “That’s not a very good coaching job, is it?” REAL quick. We don’t need a celebrity hire, we need loads of competence to take advantage of the home WC and sustain and develop the squad without the crucible of qualifying.

In other news, sorry, y’all, I dribbled Gatorade all over the US kit

Last edited 8 months ago by Talonesque #
Bryan McEachern

The kit is a 1 year old’s bib


Yeah I don’t get the sense Henry is a great coach. Ok pundit. Doubt the guys we have would respond well to him if he hasn’t changed his approach to communicating with his team.

David Rusk

You might add streaming and telecasting options.


And a column where you predict the result!

Riky Nary

Like it and the suggestions of adding more info and teams. Also, can it also replace the New, Popular, Hot thing on the main page that doesn’t really function?

Will Nelson

I’d suggest Old Glory DC. They aren’t soccer related, but deserve attention. Especially since they share Segra as a home stadium. If they aren’t nationally televised then its MASN or free streaming via


Damn, the BRU/District Press team is upping their game! Yes, the “GTW” chart is useful. I think adding viewing details is good. I think adding a “Misc” section is good. And most of the time leave it empty. But maybe there is something relevant like (Audi Field match is going on at the same time as a Nationals Game so Metro will be a disaster. Or something else that might affect attendance or viewing in some way). But otherwise, no pressure to fill that “Misc” box. Also consider adding other games if it’s a “Decision Weekend” situation and we’re also watching other scores. Or maybe if there is a big game in the DC area (someone’s National Team).

But I’m fine with just DCU, LU and Spirit on a regular basis.

Talonesque #

So, I’m sure US Soccer will wait till Summer for coach firing season, I’m a little intrigued by Patrick Viera, who was just fired by Crystal Palace. This season has been a disappointment, but so was the dearth of recruiting, while losing talismanic loanee Conor Gallagher. Palace are a solid 12th despite not picking up a lot of results this year, and US Soccer arguably has more attacking talent than Palace. I’m not saying he’d be one of the absolute ideal options, but I don’t know if we’re in the running for those coaches, anyway. All I’m saying is, better than Henry.


I’ll push back on one thing: I don’t think US Soccer is waiting till summer to hire a coach. The coach reports (ultimately) to the Sporting Director (the Earnie Stewart position). It would be stupid for anyone to take the coaching position until they know who that team manager is. And that position won’t be an easy hire–Stewart was a unicorn in a soccer sense (get your mind out of the gutter). McBride would have been my next option (and he’s out). Vermes (another good choice) has said “no.” So has Philly’s Sporting Director (Ernst Tanner). This is a tough position to fill–you need someone who knows the sport well, can judge the talent, players, and coach well. But also someone who isn’t a coach and is good organizational, at working within USSF (or an FA with the politics it involves). They need to be good at logistics (or the Brian McBride role needs to be incredible at logistics to make up of the Sporting Director weakness there). You have to be very good strategically. And then you need to be aligned with the USSF and the NT coaches so you’re not working at cross purposes–recruiting a player from Mexico or Brazil that doesn’t fit how the coach wants to play the team.

In short, we won’t have a coach until the Sporting Director gets hired. And that Sporting Director will drive the coaching search. USSF may be casting about to see if someone is interested in the pool (ala Zidane). But since the coach reports to the Sporting Director, it would be stupid to say “yes” unless you had control on who would be the Sporting Director. And that would be a dumb decision for USSF to agree to.

So I think there is no coach until we will the Sporting Director role. And I don’t think we fill that role quickly. I think it will easily be months. And then a legitimate coaching search will start. I wouldn’t be shocked to see we don’t have a NT coach in place until the Fall. That’s my take.


Wayne Rooney’s comment on Paulsson during NYCFC pregame interview. “He’s got to compete in practice to get back with the starters.” The may be nothing but do I sense a bit of friction?

Talonesque #

I think that’s the equivalent of Rooney calling him a lazy git, based on previous Wayne communication. Sounds like there might be a way back, we’ll see if he responds, I personally view him as expensive depth already. He’s not particularly great at anything, just ok in a lot of defensive areas


I think we’re reading too much in to that. Rooney has consistently said he wants competition. Paulsson has experience from the early days of MLS, when the talent and competition was much weaker. Rooney has rewarded people who practiced well (see TKDP as just one example). And he’ll sit you if you don’t practice well. So I don’t sense friction, just Rooney saying he’s not starting until he shows more in practice.

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