In the second episode of Hey Spirits!, André, Jo, and Annie talk about the Spirit signing Chloe Ricketts and six other rookies, moving Dorian Bailey, Maddie Elwell, and Tara McKeown to defense, and what they’re hoping for from the Washington Spirit rebrand.

Listen below or where ever you get your podcasts, and let us know what you’d like to hear us talk about next!

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David Rusk

I’m afraid that with my hearing difficulties (especially with electronic sound), podcasts are lost on me. I have enjoyed videos of Coach Rooney’s pep talks when closed captions in which “*” has replaced “e” as the most common letter/symbol in the English language.

Maybe with my new Nucleus 8 for my cochlear implant (beginning tomorrow!!!), I’ll finally be able to enjoy DCU and Spirit podcasts.

Stay tuned.

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