Happy Tuesday, D.C. soccer fam! It’s been a pretty good one so far, if I do say so myself.

Not going to lie. We’re all still hyped over Saturday night at Audi Field. Check out the spot-on storytelling in the latest installment of “From the Pitch.” Wayne Rooney called it, “you may go a goal down…”

Gaby Vincent of the Washington Spirit is in a brand new role, serving in Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office as LGBTQIA+ Community Outreach Specialist. Congratulations Gaby!

Ted Lasso returns on March 15! Check out the latest trailer for season 3:

Learn more about the British fans of MLS, including my friend and the voice behind DCUK, James Graham!

How much less did Andonovski earn than Berhalter?!!!

Turkish soccer fans show solidarity with earthquake victims and dissatisfaction with the government response in a heartbreaking display at a recent match.

BySarah Kallassy

Managing Editor

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Hi Sarah, thanks for all the hard work on the wonderful new site! On mobile, I notice that comments get funneled into relatively narrow columns of text with wide line spacing between lines. The column width does not adjust when I adjust the width of my mobile browser windows, and becomes an issue with replies, as each successive layer of replies nests within a narrower column of text. The text column for replies to replies is narrow enough for some words to be broken up across multiple lines. The site otherwise looks great!!


I have found the same

Adam Taylor

I’ve been dealing with this issue too—I think it’s just a function of WP’s commenting system. I’ve been compensating by turning my phone and reading comments in landscape, which does help.

Will Nelson

I was gonna say. My work brain being on (I’m a web application dev) I suspect their css/scss (whichever they are using) has some issues when dealing with different window sizes.


You might find if you add line-height:20px; to your .comment-content class, it’ll provide a better user experience. There’s no need for so much space in a scroll-heavy environment like the comments section, whether desktop or mobile, IMO


While you’re in there, you could try adding padding:0px; to that same class and padding:0px; to the .comment-list class. That gets you somewhere near readable in mobile without screwing with the basic underlying structure.

Matt Glad

Taxi posted a picture on Instagram with Rodriguez saying “we will be back even stronger”. Not sure if that’s Taxi supporting a teammate or if Taxi’s injury is more serious than we first believed.


Goff reports Taxi is out 4-6 weeks.

Will Nelson

What is it with dynamic offensive players and long term injuries while playing for DCU in the last couple of years?


I know it goes without saying but I really hope we can pick up another 3 points this weekend on the road against Columbus. I doubt we keep a clean sheet, but it would be great to see the team leverage the confidence gained from going down 2-1 and ultimately pulling out a victory in stoppage time. In a way, that feels better than winning a game 2-0, and is something that can motivate the team to build on. Columbus definitely has dangerous attackers but they showed their defense isn’t together at all right now.

Bryan McEachern



Wayne Rooney’s coaching method:

That’s the story of, that’s the glory of $%^&!!!


I have a theory that he will be one of the best coaches at developing young talent in the league (while he’s here). As a striker who was given a ton of freedom, I’m sure he’s eager to pass on that freedom (and his comments confirm it) to the homegrowns at DC.


It’s certainly good that he seems to value and support homegrown players if they show well in training. It’s also important that everyone learns the power of Rooney’s F-bomb, cuz he’s hitting them like it’s the Blitz.


And Ted Ku-DiPietro is a starter on the MLS Team of the Week. Congratulations Teddy KDP!

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