Welcome to our new home, soccer fam. We’re glad you’re here.

After the announcement that Black and Red United would no longer be supported by Vox Media, our first concern was for our wonderful community that has grown around the site over the past decade. This community has been one of the main sources of our motivation and inspiration to keep covering the vibrant soccer scene in and around our nation’s capital.

It wasn’t acceptable to our team to simply stop sharing the incredible stories happening at our local clubs and within our community. We also couldn’t fathom losing a platform to engage with other passionate DMV soccer supporters. As a result, The District Press was born.

We’re excited to launch this new platform and sincerely hope you settle right into our “new home” here.

We’ll be kicking off our membership program next week, that will give you exclusive access to our premium content. Please enjoy a preview of the coverage we will be providing for the season all week long!

Thank you again for sticking with us and being an important part of the soccer community in the District!

Sarah Kallassy and The District Press team

BySarah Kallassy

Managing Editor

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Hi! This is garbaggio.

I’ve been lurking for the past week. The site looks really good but I can’t figure out how to get past the WordPress sign-in page.

Is there a tutorial somewhere for signing in? On the WordPress sign-in page I get that the “garbaggio” user name already exists but it won’t accept my old passwords. If possible, I’d like to keep the old user name.

I don’t remember partially setting up a WordPress account, but it’s possible I did. Or it’s also possible, and eerie, that there could be another garbaggio out there….

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