It appears to be Wednesday again. I’m losing track as I’m only home for two days, sandwiched between two weddings. In preparation for an October 2.5 week trip to India (or Bharat should you be extremely inclined), I attended a 4-day Indian wedding last weekend in New Jersey. I now have some sweet henna to show off at a wedding in the Midwest this weekend. Here’s hoping my continued unavailability leads to a repeat of D.C. United’s spontaneous goal-scoring form. To the kicks!

D.C. United Loan Defender Jacob Greene to Loudoun United FC (D.C. United): The average age of D.C. United just increased again as another young prospect secures some play time at Loudoun.

Team of the Matchday: Miami, Orlando continue rise in Matchday 30 (MLS): D.C. United’s DPs find themselves on this list.

A reminder that D.C. United is in rare company this weekend playing during the FIFA international window (at least they’re not Miami):

Messi in Miami: Where does MLS stand in the big picture? (MLS): Speaking of Miami, the team, or rather a particular member of said team, really invites continued frequent discussion on the status of Major League Soccer as a whole.

Colorado Rapids part ways with head coach Robin Fraser (MLS): This writer is of the opinion that Robin Fraser was not the cause of the Rapid’s failed attempt to challenge D.C. United’s 2013 MLS-worst season. More changes will be necessary for the Denver team to return to relevance.

The RFEF apologizes to the world of football and society (RFEF): Yeah… it’s going to take more than an apology to right the wrongs this Spanish federation has committed.

Coach of Spain’s World Cup-winning women’s soccer team is fired weeks after victory celebration kiss (AP): More than that….

In other news… I thought this Twitter account would be taking a break – @RealTimeWWII has been “live-“tweeting World War II since 2011, and when this August culminated the account’s second run, I imagined at least a year (if ever) before it would start up again. Nope. August 31st came, and the author has restarted the journey back to the Third Reich’s invasion of Poland. I cannot recommend this twitter account enough. Now is an excellent time to see World War II unfold over the next 6 years as if we were reading the events live.

That’s all for today. As always, get kicking in the comments!

ByKerry Hess

Contributing Author for The District Press

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Totally agree about Robin Fraser. The Rapids are owned by big money–I don’t understand why they fail to invest more in to the team.

And Spain is in such a mess at the moment–after having just won a WWC. I wonder how the suspension of Rubiales will affect things on the men’s side.


I think he’ll be among the first people hired once coaching vacancies open up at the end of the season. Maybe this time with an organization that provides more resources.

David Rusk

For once, an article by Matt Doyle assessing MLS vs the world on a variety of metrics is a MUST READ.

Will Nelson

Dadgum it…why couldn’t they stay put at Segra…Old Glory DC has moved their home venue to the Championship Stadium at the Maryland Soccerplex for the 2024 season.

The 2019 exhibition game season and the 2020 and 2021 MLR seasons they played home games at Cardinal Stadium on the Catholic University of America campus downtown. The last two seasons (2022 and 2023) they played their home games at Segra.

Personally, for me this reduces the odds of me attending home matches to near zero. Boyd, MD is a hike from Woodbridge, VA. Segra is 45 mins to an hour drive for me from Woodbridge. The Maryland Soccerplex is an hour if traffic is flowing the whole way, given the way traffic normally is on Saturday afternoon/evenings its more like 2 hours.

David Rusk

Moving from Segra Field to the Maryland Soccerplex is a move from that abomination of an artificial turf pitch to natural Bermuda grass. As an ex-rugger who always played on natural grass, I applaud this move. And I always enjoyed DC United’s US Open Cup matches at the Soccerplex.


I couldn’t care less about professional rugby, but when I heard they were playing on artificial turf, I was gobsmacked. Rug burns.


Segra was awful stadium for them. Especially after being at Cardinal stadium. The ownership really wanted to find someway to get in Audi full time, but could never make it work.


I really don’t understand the timing of the Greene move. With Davis and Najar going on international duty in a double game week?? Ruan and Santos have no back-ups at wingback/fullback?


I guess maybe Samake is available? Hooray…
(I tried to edit, but I’m not allowed — too soon. Weird that there’s an edit feature, but that it blocks me from editing it timely).

Talonesque #

Yeah, it’s a newish bug the last few weeks that irks me, and wish someone would fix it

Talonesque #

It’s not the comments, (I’ve quickly commented before) it’s purely the editing of comments, it’s virtually impossible at this point. Maybe check that feature, it might be different; this wasn’t always the case on the site, so something changed

Ryan Hunt

Rooney clearly sees Dajome/Durkin/BHI as ahead of Greene on the fullback depth chart. While I don’t think Greene is quite physically ready for MLS, it’s a shame that he hasn’t gotten much playing time this season.

My biggest two gripes about Rooney are the lack of youth development and the fact that Pines and Benteke are the only players I can legitimately say have looked better this season when compared to their performances last season. The team is better as a whole, but that’s an incredibly low bar to pass.


Ted Ku Di-Pietro exists.

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